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Added subcommands for leiningen 1.7.0

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1 parent 1120f97 commit dc3074309555965e47b604499ca64a1489f639ed @ptillemans ptillemans committed Apr 4, 2012
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@@ -5,15 +5,29 @@ function _lein_commands() {
case $state in
+ "classpath:print the classpath of the current project"
"clean:remove compiled files and dependencies from project"
"compile:ahead-of-time compile the project"
+ "deploy:build jar and deploy to remote repository"
"deps:download and install all dependencies"
"help:display a list of tasks or help for a given task"
"install:install the project and its dependencies in your local repository"
+ "int:enter an interactive task shell"
+ "interactive:enter an interactive task shell"
+ "jack-in:jack in to a clojure slime session from emacs."
"jar:create a jar file containing the compiled .class files"
+ "javac:compile java source files"
"new:create a new project skeleton"
+ "plugin:manage user-level plugins"
"pom:write a pom.xml file to disk for maven interop"
+ "repl:start a repl session either with the current project or standalone"
+ "retest:run only the test namespaces which failed last time around"
+ "run:run the project's -main function"
+ "search:search remote maven repositories for matching jars"
+ "swank:launch swank server for Emacs to connect"
"test:run the project's tests"
+ "test!:run a project's tests after cleaning and fetching dependencies"
+ "trampoline:run a task without nesting the project's JVM inside Leiningen's."
"uberjar:Create a jar including the contents of each of deps"
"upgrade:upgrade leiningen to the latest stable release"
"version:print leiningen's version"

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