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Crunch theme (by Stephen Eley)

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+# CRUNCH - created from Steve Eley's cat waxing.
+# Initially hacked from the Dallas theme. Thanks, Dallas Reedy.
+# This theme assumes you do most of your oh-my-zsh'ed "colorful" work at a single machine,
+# and eschews the standard space-consuming user and hostname info. Instead, only the
+# things that vary in my own workflow are shown:
+# * The time (not the date)
+# * The RVM version (omitting the interpreter name if it's just 'ruby')
+# * The current directory
+# * The Git branch and its 'dirty' state
+# Colors are at the top so you can mess with those separately if you like.
+# For the most part I stuck with Dallas's.
+# These Git variables are used by the oh-my-zsh git_prompt_info helper:
+# Our elements:
+CRUNCH_RVM_="$CRUNCH_BRACKET_COLOR"["$CRUNCH_RVM_COLOR\$(~/.rvm/bin/rvm-prompt v g)$CRUNCH_BRACKET_COLOR"]"%{$reset_color%}"
+CRUNCH_DIR_="$CRUNCH_DIR_COLOR%~\$(git_prompt_info) "
+# Put it all together!

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