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Commits on Dec 2, 2015
  1. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4652 from psprint/master

    mcornella committed
    znt: updated, twice as fast searching
Commits on Dec 1, 2015
  1. @mcornella

    Merge branch 'ferenczy-cygwin'

    mcornella committed
    Close #2739
  2. @ferenczy @mcornella
Commits on Nov 30, 2015
  1. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4651 from ionelmc/patch-1

    mcornella committed
    Add support for "putty" $TERM in termsupport.zsh
  2. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #3321 from moul/pr-tmux-cssh

    mcornella committed
    [tmux-cssh plugin] Initial version
  3. @ionelmc
  4. @mcornella

    Merge branch 'marking-master'

    mcornella committed
    Fixes #4597
  5. @mcornella
  6. @mcornella

    Add empty string parameter to start command

    mcornella committed
    Otherwise `start` will confuse the first parameter as the title of
    a new command prompt if the parameter contains whitespace. That is
    because the command to be run will be:
        start "abc def"
    which opens a new command prompt window with the title "abc def".
    With the added empty string we force the start command to interpret
    the passed parameter as the file / command:
        start "" "abc def"
    which will be interpreted like `""` is the title and the rest is
    the file or command to start.
    **NOTE:** this wouldn't be necessary if the start script in msys
    was defined differently; that is, if it had the empty string
    already incorporated in the script (/usr/bin/start), like so:
    -cmd //c start "${@//&/^&}"
    +cmd //c start "" "${@//&/^&}"
    Notice however that this would make it impossible to use start
    setting a different title, so it's probably best to leave it as is.
    More info:
    The change `${(z)open_cmd}` is necessary to force zsh to split the
    variable by the spaces and interpret it as separate words.
    More info:
  7. @marking @mcornella

    make this work in the git-for-windows SDK

    marking committed with mcornella
    Added an option for the msys value of $OSTYPE
  8. @psprint

    znt: twice as fast searching

    psprint committed
  9. @psprint

    znt: updated

    psprint committed
  10. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4649 from psprint/master

    mcornella committed
    znt: n-history supports multi-line cmds and starts with current buffer
    Fixes #4648
  11. @psprint


    psprint committed
  12. @psprint

    Renamed README.txt to

    psprint committed
  13. @ionelmc
  14. @psprint
  15. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4368 from psprint/master

    mcornella committed
    Update Zsh Navigation Tools plugin
Commits on Nov 29, 2015
  1. @mcornella

    Fix open_command nohup call

    mcornella committed
    There a syntax error if $cmd_var contains more than one word,
    so we drop the current way to prepend nohup and use a simpler
    if-else form.
  2. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4207 from mpscholten/master

    mcornella committed
    Also accept any forms of yes as an answer to the "do you want to update?" prompt
  3. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4191 from apjanke/vi-mode-fix-smkx

    mcornella committed
    vi-mode: fix smkx/rmkx by removing broken line-init/finish widgets
Commits on Nov 27, 2015
  1. @mcornella
  2. @apjanke @mcornella

    z plugin: fix loading from custom location

    apjanke committed with mcornella
    The old implementation would attempt to load both the default and custom
    implementations, with the custom one coming first, so it would get clobbered
    by the default version.
  3. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4181 from posva/z

    mcornella committed
    Update z version to 5dc2a86
  4. @mcornella
  5. @apjanke @mcornella

    history-substring-search: update to upstream version 2015-09-28

    apjanke committed with mcornella
    Updates OMZ's copy to commit 2c295432175990c1bb4e90bc13f609daa67a25d6 from zsh-users/zsh-history-substring-search
  6. @apjanke @mcornella
  7. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4634 from mfaerevaag/master

    mcornella committed
    [wd] update minor version (v0.4.2)
  8. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4539 from Gnouc/master

    mcornella committed
  9. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4443 from apjanke/github-update

    mcornella committed
    Update github plugin to work with current hub versions
  10. @mcornella
  11. @apjanke @mcornella
  12. @mcornella

    Merge pull request #4534 from mcornella/fix-open_command-nohup-tmux

    mcornella committed
    Drop the use of nohup on OSX for tmux compatibility
  13. @mcornella

    Drop the use of nohup on OSX for tmux compatibility

    mcornella committed
    Apparently `nohup` is not needed in OSX, and using it has the side
    that it may break under tmux with the error
      nohup: can't detach from console: No such file or directory
    For now, this commit only drops the use of `nohup` in OSX. But it
    *may* not be necessary under other similar platforms.
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @mfaerevaag
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