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May 29, 2014

  1. Christophe Bliard

    Update colorize.plugin.zsh

    correctly detect when pygmentize is not installed
    do not exit shell if when pygmentize is not installed
    cbliard authored ncanceill committed

May 28, 2014

  1. Dương Tiến Thuận

    Correct wrong plugin file name

    thuandt authored ncanceill committed
  2. Jim Hester

    Fix path for colemak plugin

    jimhester authored ncanceill committed
  3. Yuanxuan Wang

    Steeef theme checks untracked files instead of directories

    zellux authored ncanceill committed
  4. Andrey Koleshko

    Update plugins/rbenv/rbenv.plugin.zsh

    Fix rbenv plugin for OS X latest homebrew
    ka8725 authored ncanceill committed
  5. James Magnarelli

    Corrected syntax error in github plugin's empty_gh function

    jmagnarelli authored ncanceill committed

May 26, 2014

  1. fbehrens

    extract plugin will unzip *.sublime-package files

    fbehrens authored ncanceill committed

May 25, 2014

  1. Move aliases to 'custom' section of .zshrc template

    By convention, user-specific aliases are kept in each user's .zshrc
    file. The .zshrc template provided by oh-my-zsh has an area for example
    aliases, though these were being loaded before other aliases in libs, plugins,
    and themes. As a result, personal aliases could be overwritten by these
    other aliases as they are loaded. To make personal customization easier, the
    sample aliases section of the .zshrc template has been moved to the area
    dedicated for personal customization. This section of the configuration
    is processed after all other items are loaded, preventing personal aliases
    and exports from being inadvertently clobbered by oh-my-zsh.
    Sean McCann authored ncanceill committed
  2. Clemens Müller

    Fix function/alias naming clash between bower and bundle plugin

    Since the `bower` plugin specifies a `bi` alias and `bundle` plugin
    specifies a `bi` function, there is a name clash when using both
    plugins, which results in the message "Can't 'bundle install' outside a
    bundled project" when trying to execute `bower`.
    This adresses #2486
    pangratz authored ncanceill committed

May 24, 2014

  1. Ordering nocorrect aliases alphabetically

    Simon Courtois authored ncanceill committed
  2. Defining nocorrect aliases only when ENABLE_CORRECTION is "true"

    This commit move the nocorrect aliases definition so they're called
    only when the user set ENABLE_CORRECTION to "true" to activate commands
    Simon Courtois authored ncanceill committed
  3. Replacing DISABLE_CORRECTION with ENABLE_CORRECTION in zshrc template

    Since commands auto-correction must be explicitly enable with
    the ENABLE_CORRECTION envvar, this commit replaces the unaccurate
    example in the zshrc template.
    Simon Courtois authored ncanceill committed
  4. Mark Feltner

    fix(tools/check_for_upgrade): Don't source profile

    Reverts #2296, but mostly #1883.
    There is no need to source ~/.profile when this script is read. oh-my-zsh writes no configuration data in ~/.profile.
    If the user wishes to use data within ~/.profile, then they should source it in another place.
    Fixes #2315
    feltnerm authored ncanceill committed
  5. Brian Hartvigsen

    Fix dud alias. Switch --max-depth for just -d

    As far as I can tell (tested on Linux & Darwin, BSD man page seems to agree), `-d` is pretty univerally accepted as the depth argument.  So instead of doing a test, we can just use -d and call it a day.
    tresni authored ncanceill committed
  6. Brian Hartvigsen

    This is already done in lib/theme-and-appearance.zsh and supports Dar…

    tresni authored ncanceill committed
  7. Adam Luikart

    Write the update file even if `CLOBBER` is unset.

    adamesque authored ncanceill committed
  8. Trevor Strieber

    Fixing typo.

    TrevorS authored ncanceill committed
  9. Tony

    Minor markup edits

    Zearin authored ncanceill committed
  10. Nicolas Canceill

    typo, fixes #1806

    ncanceill authored

May 16, 2014

  1. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2787 from irnnr/plugin-vagrant

    Support new Vagrant commands

May 15, 2014

  1. Ingo Renner

    Improve consistency, remove dots at end of command descriptions

    irnnr authored

May 06, 2014

  1. Ingo Renner

    [FEATURE] Support vagrant global-status

    Vagrant 1.6 introduced the `global-status` command which allows
    to get a quick overview of all active Vagrant environments for the
    currently logged in user.
    irnnr authored
  2. Ingo Renner

    [FEATURE] Support Vagrant Cloud commands

    Vagrant 1.5 added Vagrant Cloud to share boxes. Some boxes
    may be protected, the `login` command allows to access those
    protected boxes from Vagrant Cloud.
    irnnr authored
  3. Ingo Renner

    [FEATURE] Support Vagrant Share

    Vagrant 1.5 introduced Vagrant Share to allow remote access to a Vagrant
    environment. This adds support for the `share` and `connect` commands.
    irnnr authored
  4. Ingo Renner

    [FEATURE] Support Vagrant 1.6 version command

    Vagrant 1.6 introduces a couple new commands, including the `version` command.
    The `version` command shows the currently installed version information and
    also checks for new updates available.
    irnnr authored

Apr 19, 2014

  1. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #1635 from jimhester/per-directory-history

    Update to latest per-directory-history
  2. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2681 from mcornella/fix-zsh_reload-plugin

    Various fixes on zsh_reload plugin
  3. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2728 from benwong/patch-2

    Spelling correction in itunes control function.
  4. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2671 from ukrutt/master

    Correct redirection of stderr
  5. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2502 from UniIsland/patch-1

    `fc -l 1` instead of `history` in zsh_stats, fixes #2501
  6. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2511 from FloFra/master

    Makes history-substring-search use term specific up and down buttons.
  7. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2650 from kemko/patch-1

    don't add --exclude-dir to GREP_OPTIONS on FreeBSD
  8. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2729 from grodzik/master

    Fix for Python3
  9. Robby Russell

    Merge pull request #2693 from javiertejero/master

    Fix `docker rmi` tab completion
  10. Javier Tejero

    Fix `docker rmi` tab completion

    This is exactly what happens on tab completion for docker rmi. This commit
    fixes that.
    $ docker rmi <hit TAB>
    _arguments:comparguments:312: invalid argument: __docker_images
    _arguments:comparguments:312: invalid argument: __docker_images
    _arguments:comparguments:312: invalid argument: __docker_images
    javiertejero authored
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