Proposal: another way to mange plugin/theme. #465

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gutenye commented Jul 14, 2011

this is inspired by vundle and Bundler, vundle is a great way to manage vim plugin, install and update plugin via git. a Pluginfile contains all your plugins. put every plugin into a seperate repository, so that evey one can fell free to develop/contribute a plugin and install/uninstall it.

# file Pluginfile
plugin ruby
plugin github
plugin user/foo   # foo plugin from
$ omz install [NAME]  # install a plugin
$ omz search NAME
$ omz update

some idea about custom plugin, each plugin can have a .after.zsh file, custom settings goes here. if you don't like foo plugin at all, you can create/fork to you own plugin just put plugin You/foo into Pluginfile.

# plugin/
foo.plugin.zsh  # load foo.plugin.zsh
foo.after.zsh    # then load foo.after.zsh

vundle use as a source.


gutenye commented Aug 9, 2011

I've release a project called zcm based on my thought. read more at It has a easy to develop a theme.


Looks good, may be oh-my-zsh should use it.

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