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oh-my-zsh overrides default Meta-. behavior #497

akahn opened this Issue · 12 comments

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In bash and zsh Meta-. ("meta-dot") inserts arguments from previous commands into the current command line. It's kind of like !$, but more interactive because it cycles through older arguments as you continue pressing the keybinding.

In oh-my-zsh, this same key combination does the equivalent of cd ... Is it intentional that oh-my-zsh overrides this built-in shell feature?

Here is the place in the code that sets this binding:


I'm quite bothered by this. Many shells implement this feature, so it works everywhere and I'm quite used to that.


Looking at the history this seems like a day 1 behavior, I guess @robbyrussell would need to answer if this is intentional or not.

That said, the insert-last-word widget (that does implements this) is also bound to ESC-_ ("escape-underscore") in emacs mode, so you could use that as an alternative. Or you could always set the keybinding back to the way you like it with

bindkey '\e.' insert-last-word

I've patched this over on Pinging @robbyrussell again so he can weigh in on the fate of this behavior.




Also, #1019 is a duplicate :)


+1, although this stuff ultimately led me to roll my own zsh config.


+1, this feature nearly stop me using zsh


+1, the default behaiviour is much more handy.


+1 (mostly for the clobber pull request)


+1, just like @Reorx, this feature nearly stop me using zsh


Believe this is now resolved! update away folks

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