vi-mode breaks smart history navigation #800

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As the title says, vi-mode breaks smart history navigation.

E.g., without vi-mode, typing ssh and then pressing the up key allows me to browse through my history of ssh commands.

With vi-mode enabled, pressing up just gives me the latest command I typed.


This is a non-issue, provided you explicitly enable the history-substring-search plugin.

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I've enabled the history-substring-search plugin, but it's not working.
How did you fix the problem ?
Thank you


I have plugins=(vi-mode git git-flow github npm osx svn history-substring-search zsh-syntax-highlighting) in my .zshrc (a minimal set would probably be plugins=(vi-mode history-substring-search)), that's it :)


Ok, when I put the history-substring-search after the vi-mode plugin, it works well.
Thank you for your help.


I'm on OSX 10.9.4, and using both iTerm and, vi-mode breaks history substring search for me. I've tried everything I can find, but the only fix has been to remove vi-mode. Is anyone else experiencing this issue again?

Simple repro is to set plugins=(), vs plugins=(vi-mode) in .zshrc.

Please let me know if I'm missing something obvious here. I am new to zsh and am used to using vi-like input in my shell. Thanks a lot.


+1, setting plugins=(git vi-mode history-substring-search) does not seem to work.


+1, setting plugins=(git vi-mode history-substring-search) does not work for me either.


+1, setting plugins=(git vi-mode history-substring-search) does not work for me either. But having bindkey "^R" history-incremental-search-backward after plugins in .zshrc works for me.


Still broken on Mac OS X 10.11.2. However, this comment fixed the issue for me.

@c-zheng c-zheng added a commit to c-zheng/.zsh that referenced this issue Aug 16, 2016
@c-zheng c-zheng Workaround robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh#800 742bd46
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