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I wrote a simple command line tool that dinamically loads plugins.

Example: type
omz plugin rvm

to source all commands/autocompletion for rvm into current session. This can be handy when you don't want to slow down zsh boot time with plugins you use very few times, or when you want to try a new one.

Command omz can also manage other oh my zsh tools, like or, or anything that will be added in the tools/ folder. There's also an autocompletion file for it.

TODO: currently I can't find a clean way to unload plugins. A solution could be sourcing a special file like plugin/rvm/rvm.disable.zsh with all the necessary instructions to remove the plugin.


I think #2178 does a better job at managing plugins and themes.

Also, command-line tools are for frequently used stuff, which is not the case of uninstalling. Finally, upgrading can be easily done by git aliases or by automatic checking.


Appreciate the efforts here. We've yet to come to a clear consensus on how to manage plugins. Closing for now

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