Allow (re)installing from a local copy #1086

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avit commented Apr 23, 2012

I've decoupled the downloading from the other install & linking steps, so an existing checkout of oh-my-zsh doesn't stop the installer and can be used for re-installing.

This feature depends on my other pull request to allow setting the install location. (It also means that by changing $ZSH, you can re-run the install script from different copies.)


avit commented Jul 19, 2012

I've rebased this to your master again, let me know if you still want to merge it.

avit added some commits Apr 23, 2012

Accept alternate install paths via ZSH variable
Uses environment variable $ZSH to configure install location.
Allow (re)installing from local repo
If a local directory exists, perhaps a forked copy instead of the robbyrussell master,
this allows the installer script to use it and continue the install process instead
of exiting early.

Changes the installer to continue even if the $ZSH directory is already installed.

avit commented Oct 25, 2013

@robbyrussell I've just rebased this too, please comment, merge, or close.


avit commented Mar 8, 2014

@robbyrussell Reason for closing? This one is a good follow-up for #1085.

Rebased again with the changes from 1085.


avit commented Sep 17, 2014

This would still be handy for testing... let me know if you want me to rebase it again.

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