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tell users about the possibility to use a different `custom/` directory #1109

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Users should be informed about the possibility to use a different custom/ directory via $ZSH_CUSTOM. I added a line in the Readme, that describes this option.


+1 I had previously missed this ability entirely.

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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ h3. Customization
If you want to override any of the default behavior, just add a new file (ending in @.zsh@) into the @custom/@ directory.
If you have many functions which go well together you can put them as a *.plugin.zsh file in the @custom/plugins/@ directory and then enable this plugin.
If you would like to override the functionality of a plugin distributed with oh-my-zsh, create a plugin of the same name in the @custom/plugins/@ directory and it will be loaded instead of the one in @plugins/@.
+You may specify a different location for your @custom/@ directory by setting @$ZSH_CUSTOM@ to your desired location in your @~/.zshrc@.
h3. Uninstalling
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