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simple composer plugin #1178

wants to merge 5 commits into from

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natrim commented Jun 20, 2012

add simple composer plugin with subcommands completion


nice plugin, works good for me, thx

thewatts commented Dec 5, 2012

For whatever, reason - I'm seeing this when trying ::

zsh: command not found: composer

I've added composer to my .zshrc

plugins=(git composer)

I've also upgraded zsh, reloaded, etc.

Any help would be stellar! Thanks!

natrim commented Dec 5, 2012

this plugin does not install composer for you, you need to download it and copy somewhere into system PATH

or use the cget alias to install it into current folder

thewatts commented Dec 5, 2012

Thanks for the quick response!

I've actually already installed it per :

-- I also installed via (global manual install)

I've checked my path from my .zshrc - it has usr/local/bin in it already.

No dice :/

natrim commented Dec 5, 2012

did u install it to right folder?
copy all files in this pull to ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/composer
and then reload zsh

btw. composer should be working prior to enabling this plugin, otherwise u have it wrongly installed


Looks like we already have a composer plugin merged. Apologies if this one came first. :-/

natrim commented Apr 8, 2013

thatz sad 😢, but i gues il live with it 🚶

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