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Adding Larandar theme #1198

wants to merge 2 commits into from

4 participants

Adrien Dudouit-Exposito Pavel Puchkin Roey Darwish Dror Robby Russell
Adrien Dudouit-Exposito

Add my theme to theme list:


To use: Set @ZSH_THEME@ in @ ~/.zshrc @ to @ larandar @.
Inspired by @ bira @, @ blink @, @ miloshadzic @ and @ rkj-repos @

This theme is stable ( using three month without any bug found ) and suport git information, it's also supose to suport svn and mercury but don't work...

Thank for adding

Pavel Puchkin

See note about themes sending in readme

Adrien Dudouit-Exposito

Ok sorry.

Roey Darwish Dror

Very nice theme. However, some of its colors are not displayed correctly in tmux.

UPDATE: I added
set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

to ~/.tmux.conf and it's working fine now

Adrien Dudouit-Exposito

Use Solarized color and it will be fine. Thank for comment.

So I wish to improve performance.

Adrien Dudouit-Exposito

You right you need 256color, but you can change color by change ZSH_COLOR_* to you color theme.

Robby Russell

Sorry, but we're not taking in anymore themes without upvotes

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Commits on Jun 28, 2012
  1. Adrien Dudouit-Exposito
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
  1. Adrien Dudouit-Exposito
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  1. +52 −0 themes/larandar.zsh-theme
52 themes/larandar.zsh-theme
@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
+# Oh My Zsh theme from
+# Other ZSH can maybe be on my Github
+# Inspirations : Bira, Gentoo, Lambda, Miloshadzic and Sorin
+function __custom_git_prompt() {
+ ref=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2> /dev/null) || return
+ ZSH_GIT_BRANCH="${ref#refs/heads/}"
+ if [ -d $PWD/.git ] ; then
+ ZSH_GIT_REPO=$(basename $PWD)
+ else
+ ZSH_GIT_REPO="$(basename $(dirname $(git rev-parse --git-dir)))"
+ fi
+ ZSH_GIT_DIRTY="$(parse_git_dirty)"
+ [ ${ZSH_GIT_DIRTY} ] && ZSH_GIT_DIRTY+=" " && ZSH_GIT_STATUT="${ZSH_COLOR_BASE}[ $(git_prompt_status) ${ZSH_COLOR_BASE}]"
+function __custom_prompt() {
+ echo "$(__custom_git_prompt)"
+return_code="%(?..${ZSH_COLOR_ERROR}%? ↵${ZSH_COLOR_VOID})"
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