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pomaxa commented Aug 2, 2012

add support for composer (Dependency Manager for PHP [])

daFish commented on 8b89076 Aug 2, 2012

This won't work when you have composer installed just as composer, e.g. in /usr/local/bin/composer. The command should consider this.

pomaxa commented Aug 2, 2012

@daFish i'm not to good in this.. if you have any suggestions or ideas of get it better, please let me know. Because i'm using it in my work, and it's ok for me, but i'll be glad to make it better.

daFish commented Aug 7, 2012

@pomaxa I'm also not good at it either. ;) But I thought it would be worth mentioning. Maybe someone with more in depth knowledge is able to help here.


robbyrussell commented Dec 4, 2012

@pomaxa / @daFish -- you might look through some of the other plugins that have several paths to account for. A few examples... maybe virtualwrapper? You should be able to look through others and find some inspiration and then re-submit

pomaxa commented Dec 6, 2012

@robbyrussell thanks for idea.

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