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I don't claim to be the author of any of these, it's stuff I've gathered from other people's setups.

  • use /etc/hosts as well as ssh_config for hostname completion
  • turn on completion caching to improve performance
  • ignore system usernames by default
@gwjo gwjo Completion fixes
Use /etc/hosts in addtion to $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts as the source for
hostname completion

Turn on completion caching to speed up certain comands

When completing usernames, don't include system accounts by default

Thanks, let's give this a go. :-)

Merged upstream

@acasajus acasajus added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 13, 2012
@acasajus acasajus Merge remote-tracking branch 'sorin/master'
* sorin/master: (57 commits)
  Remove the reload utility function
  [Fix #134] Check for GNU du instead of Linux
  [Fix #123] Add documentation for z
  Refactor z initialization
  Fix z sourcing
  [Fix #127] Indicate overwrite mode in sorin theme
  [#127] Add an indicator for overwrite mode
  Always format Git dirty
  Replace the pmine function with an alias
  Remove 'core' from gnu-utility documentation
  Rename gnu-utils to gnu-utility
  [Fix #125] Wrap GNU utilities in functions
  [#125] Use is-callable to check for GNU utilities
  [#125] Add a helper that checks callables
  Add a missing article in a comment
  Remove ls aliases from gnu-utils
  Fix a typo in the main README
  Improve the formatting of the autoload loop
  [Fix #128] Ignore README files in $fpath
  [Fix #126] Do not evaluate undefined $git_info
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