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Use xdg-open in Linux for the o alias, if it's available. #1478

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Hi! Please be aware that you're defining the alias outside the check for fasd installed, and that by making the alternative condition only on Darwin you're essentially leaving all the other systems that are not Linux nor Darwin without a defined alias.
For (1), put the if inside the check again; for (2), convert your elif into an else.


(1) I don't get (1). if-elif-fi block that I added is already within if-fi block of 'fasd' check, isn't it?
(2) Is there an "open" command that opens files in "all the other systems that are not Linux nor Darwin"? open is an OS X command, right? So why do you want me to define an alias to "open" for those systems?


(1) I don't get (1). if-elif-fi block that I added is already within if-fi block of 'fasd' check, isn't it?

It is indeed inside the fasd check, I probably had a brainfart looking at the diff :smile:

Regarding the alternative alias, I think OpenBSD also has an open command that does that, and then there is Windows / Cygwin. Other plugins do these kind of check as well, such as jira, node and web-search. Also #1039

I don't know the right approach anyway, what do you say?


Hi @gokceneraslan, it's been a long time but I managed to find a clean and simple solution, look at the web-search plugin to safely open across different platforms.
What do you say if I put that into a lib file so we can use it across the project?


Looks very similar to my patch :) Go go go...


Hi @gokceneraslan, I finally implemented my standard open command. Now the o alias is a -e open_command, where open_command is the implemented function.

Please test if it works correctly since I don't have fasd to check.

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Showing with 6 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +6 −2 plugins/fasd/fasd.plugin.zsh
8 plugins/fasd/fasd.plugin.zsh
@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
if [ $commands[fasd] ]; then # check if fasd is installed
eval "$(fasd --init auto)"
alias v='f -e vim'
- alias o='a -e open'
+ if [[ $('uname') == 'Linux' ]] && [ $commands[xdg-open] ]; then
+ alias o='a -e xdg-open'
+ elif [[ $('uname') == 'Darwin' ]]; then
+ alias o='a -e open'
+ fi
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