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As discussed (perhaps at too great length) in #1388, I strongly disagree with the change to include the numeric exit code in the agnoster theme. Each component of the prompt was explicitly weighed for relevance, aesthetics, and concision; an early version of the theme included a numeric status code, and at one point success was also indicated with a check mark. I rejected both of these ideas in the end, because the goal was to convey the right amount of information.

I completely understand if you'd rather let the community add to this theme — part of what makes OMZ great is, after all, community involvement — but I would be very grateful if we could change this back to the way it was.


@agnoster agnoster Revert "agnoster theme shows error code instead of an "x""
This reverts commit f09af57.

It is far more aesthetically pleasing, and conveys the correct amount of information. The exact numeric status code is extremely rarely of use, and increases cognitive parsing burden on the user.
(cherry picked from commit 8f664edcaf55adcc540f0fe43d4205b66e4f9fb6)
@robbyrussell robbyrussell merged commit 80a6032 into robbyrussell:master Dec 31, 2012

👍 Thank you!


Seriously, thank you for that. The error code was driving me crazy!

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