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Gufran commented Jun 1, 2013

Artisan autocomplete for Laravel 4

nstCactus and others added some commits Jan 18, 2013
@nstCactus nstCactus ADDED: Mercurial repository info 8e9cf45
@nstCactus nstCactus ADDED: Mercurial prompt info support even if hg prompt extension is u…
@serdardalgic serdardalgic Add autoenv plugin, which adopts using Kenneth Reitz's autoenv into
@yoavweiss yoavweiss Faster dirty git status check (using git diff) 2e213b9
@ZeroKnight ZeroKnight Better custom theme loading now also checks for $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/$ZSH_THEME.zsh-theme when attempting to load a theme. This way custom themes can be a bit more organized in the 'custom' dir
@yoavweiss yoavweiss Closer to original status command, using SUBMODULE SYNTAX 171a76a
@flz flz Add new profiles plugin.
Depending on the machine you're logged into, you may want to use
specific configuration. Add 'profiles' to your list of plugin will
try to find a profile for the local machine and each (sub)domain
it belongs to.
@mguindin mguindin [agnoster] modifying theme to show dot for dirty files and plus for s…
…taged files in git repos
@To1ne To1ne use pushdminus fe4c237
@To1ne To1ne added pj.plugin 631a847
@HeroicEric HeroicEric add alias for rspec to zeus plugin a5a6f6b
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1586 from HeroicEric/master
add rspec alias to zeus plugin
Sébastien M-B Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@jbhannah jbhannah Fix rbenv gems helper
Fixes gem versions with words (beta, pre) in the version or with
multiple installed versions not being highlighted, and compatibility
with GNU sed (related to robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh#1579).
@nevir nevir Support for Sublime Text 3, with fallback 3d81ecf
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1583 from To1ne/pj.plugin
added pj.plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1594 from jbhannah/rbenv-gems-fix
Fix rbenv gems helper
Sébastien M-B Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' bc00362
@zasdfgbnm zasdfgbnm new plugin:
start fbterm automatically in /dev/tty*
@yoavweiss yoavweiss Fixed dirty check to include files added to index 11576dd
@yoavweiss yoavweiss Did a full circle and went back to # On branch master
# Changes to be committed:
#   (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)
#	modified:   git.zsh
#, ignoring untracked files, which seems to be the primary cause for slowness
@gekken gekken Update plugins/rvm/rvm.plugin.zsh
1) be gentle - first git pull request
2) added ruby 2.0.0 alias and function
@swanandp swanandp Support for opening tabs and windows in the same This fixed #1498 for…
… me on Mountain Lion
@mcaserta mcaserta SBT and Scala plugins.
The SBT (Simple Build Tool: plugin is an original
work of mine.
The Scala ( plugin was taken from zsh-lovers.
@ripdog ripdog Update plugins/extract/extract.plugin.zsh
Cause unrar to preserve directory structure. (Why is only unrar different?!)
@nstCactus nstCactus Merge branch 'master' of 5eb3ec6
Thomas Minor pipe git version check error to /dev/null (for when git doesn't exist) 3db2263
@hreese hreese Disable ssh-agent support if another ssh-agent is already running. 014ed1f
@hreese hreese Added --quiet to suppress message about gpg-agent already running. 174e09c
@hacfi hacfi Fix Symfony2 command completion 'permission denied'
app/console by default (if you create a new Symfony project via composer create-project or by downloading it from is not executable. Therefore I get the following error:

sf2 _symfony2_get_command_list:1: permission denied: app/console 
_symfony2_get_command_list:1: permission denied: app/console
_symfony2_get_command_list:1: permission denied: app/console

To make command completion work without changing app/console you just have to let php run it.
@jmatth jmatth Starting tmux plugin with basic config variables. b979400
@jmatth jmatth Adding main function and alias to tmux plugin. 26ee66f
@jmatth jmatth Now checking for 256 color terminal in tmux plugin. 3aef679
@jmatth jmatth Tmux plugin now just runs tmux if any extra args are given. 778ae57
@jmatth jmatth Adding comments to tmux plugin. 0cf871d
@jmatth jmatth Enabling autostart of tmux in tmux plugin. 45a4db3
@jmatth jmatth Adding helper tmux config files to tmux plugin. bf40d4e
@jmatth jmatth Fixing typos, logic, and gremlins in tmux plugin. 7b15627
@jmatth jmatth Checking environment instead of local variable for fixing term in tmu…
…x plugin.
@jmatth jmatth Checking if already in tmux before autostarting in tmux in tmux plugin. f096644
@jmatth jmatth Adding option to prevent autostarting tmux more than once in the same…
… session.
@jmatth jmatth Fixing typo in alias. 56c46c4
@jmatth jmatth Adding compdef to maintain tmux completions. 86c9b32
@jmatth jmatth Adding options to choose tmux TERM for 256 and non-256 color terminals.
This may be needed on systems that don't have the proper terminfo for
screen and/or screen-256color. Otherwise the defaults of screen and
screen-256color should be fine.
@jmatth jmatth Checking to make sure tmux is actually installed before running plugin.
If it is not found an error message is printed.
@alec-c4 alec-c4 Added rails4 plugin f4b1232
@Anahkiasen Anahkiasen Add alias for "composer dump-autoload" 4bb7b69
@RomainBelorgey RomainBelorgey Update _capistrano
Add use of Capfile commands
@NeuralSandwich NeuralSandwich Updated battery plugin. Displays charging time.
linux battery level now refreshes after every command
@mbologna mbologna added michelebologna theme c2d42f5
@mbologna mbologna added comment for auto-generated hostname color 0b6e735
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1645 from mbologna/master
a new theme, different from the already existent themes :)
@vadzimt vadzimt add function vncviwer 49860bd
@deepusudhakar deepusudhakar Escape /Users/desudhak/.oh-my-zsh path (previously broke spaces in path) 9991401
@z2v z2v Mercurial: add aliases for 'incoming' and 'outgoing' commands 6dd286b
@bertag bertag Tweaked parse_git_dirty() in lib/git.zsh to support proper dirty/clea…
…n parsing against both git 1.6 and git 1.7+
@ysmood ysmood add: A new theme 'ys'. a66bc75
Sébastien M-B Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 0783805
@nubs nubs Use [ -nt ] instead of stat -f%m to check cache files. 300f94c
@nubs nubs Allow ":" and "-" characters in phing tasks.
Tasks that included hyphens or colons were being excluded from
completion.  This improves the usage for this.
@hacfi hacfi Autocomplete composer default methods if composer.json is not available
This plugin currently doesn't autocomplete composer commands if there is no composer.json in the current dir. However, the commands create-project, init, search, selfupdate and show are still useful without a composer.json!
@ysmood ysmood opt: Optimize the color scheme. Add some basic comments. 55c6fd5
@kavu kavu Fix git dirty status in dallas.zsh-theme 7903f51
@sudoash sudoash Modified to use full parameter as newer versions of base64 uses lower…
…case D
@hellerbarde hellerbarde fix git_prompt_status() to not say the repository has untracked files…
… all the time
@rylwin rylwin last-working-dir: Use >! to overwrite $cache_file
Use ">!" to overwrite $cache_file in case noclobber is set. 
When noclobber is set, zsh will not allow the use of ">" to overwrite
the contents of a file. Instead, it displays a "file exists" error.
By using ">!" instead, we tell zsh to overwrite the file without
@rylwin rylwin Fix whitespace
That's what I get for using GitHub text editor and not checking tabs.
@flavius flavius allow setting a custom HISTFILE before oh-my-zsh is loaded 3826c7b
@marcel-wolf marcel-wolf add ssh-agent option to set default lifetime of identities
By default, ssh-agent stores identities forever. It has an option to
set a maximum lifetime for identites (useful to expire passphrase protected
keys). Allow this option to be set using:

zstyle :omz:plugins:ssh-agent lifetime <time>
@bmcorser bmcorser Alias for commit and commit all with amend
For the lazy and forgetful. Don't worry, a bang is fine in an alias and completion.

@sheerun sheerun Use --no-rehash option for faster startup 0ed1ade
@desimone desimone Added golang completion support from 7c50867
@lifinsky lifinsky Fix grails plugin
Fix problem with "basename" command error "extra operand" (do not work with array)
@nstCactus nstCactus IMPROVED: untracked file status has priority over modified (ie: if yo…
…u have both modified and untracked files, your prompt will be red indicating the presence of untracked files)
@jmatth jmatth Prefixing tmux wrapper function with '_'. a91872d
@jmatth jmatth Exporting path to fixed config as a global variable.
This is done to fix compatibility with antigen.
To keep with convention, the variable has been renamed to be in all caps.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1671 from lifinsky/master
Fix grails plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1669 from desimone/master
support for Go (golang) completions
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1668 from sheerun/patch-1
Use --no-rehash option for faster startup
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1664 from marcel-wolf/master
add ssh-agent option to set default lifetime for identities
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1663 from flavius/master
allow setting a custom HISTFILE before oh-my-zsh is loaded
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1650 from ishtu/master
add vncviewer function (using "open" functionality)
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1638 from RomainBelorgey/master
Use completion if file Capfile
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1524 from bonifaido/master
Maven plugin completion fix for other (than Java) JVM languages and/or missing test cases folder
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1616 from sxeraverx/master
pipe git version check error to /dev/null (for when git doesn't exist)
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1614 from miklos-martin/bower
Bower plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1611 from ripdog/patch-1
Update plugins/extract/extract.plugin.zsh
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1610 from mcaserta/scala_and_sbt_plugins
SBT and Scala plugins.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1607 from gekken/master
added ruby 2.0.0 to rvm plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1598 from zasdfgbnm/master
new plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1595 from nevir/sublime3-support
Support for Sublime Text 3, with fallback
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1573 from flz/master
Add new profiles plugin.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1558 from sbooob/master
Mercurial repository info in agnoster theme
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1661 from hellerbarde/master
Fix some problems with git enabled prompts where they *always* claim to have untracked files
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1659 from AshleyS/master
Fixed base64 decode parameter for newer versions of base64 binary
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1658 from kavu/patch-1
Fix git dirty status in dallas.zsh-theme
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1657 from ysmood/master
Add a new theme 'ys'
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #749 from blueyed/setopt-correct
Only `setopt correct`, not "correct_all".
@z2v z2v Mercurial: add alias for pull with rebasing 295bac0
@simeonwillbanks simeonwillbanks Fixes #1485 zeus should not be bundled c89afd2
and others added some commits Apr 12, 2013
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1526 from filipechagas/master
Gitfast plugin - Untracked files char not shown %
@f0y f0y Add colorize plugin 07738ea
@dbohdan dbohdan Implemented UTF-8 support in fishy.zsh-theme. 2d2aa64
@toctan toctan command-not-found support for Arch Linux 388ae92
@mrabault mrabault Edit some yaourt aliases and add some
* yaupg now also updates AUR packages
* Add yalst alias : it lists the installed packages, even from AUR
* Add yaorph alias : it removes orphans using yaourt
@miry miry Added global aliases to use RAILS_ENV. ad3f592
Roman Kamyk Return code instead of dollar sign 5dae44a
@zoltan-nz zoltan-nz Update rvm.plugin.zsh to the latest ruby versions
Ruby version numbers update:
@rumpelsepp rumpelsepp Added git-flow-avh plugin.
git-flow-avh is a fork of gitflow, see:

These substition seems not to work with basic shell (/bin/sh) from which it is call (/lib/functions.zsh).

function upgrade_oh_my_zsh() should invoke /bin/bash instead /bin/sh

The substitution doesn't do what was claimed by the commit message in any shell. It will only escape the first space in the variable. Would need to use a double slash after the variable name to replace all of them.

And since the only use of the variable uses it in double quotes, the backslash isn't necessary and in my testing (with several different shells) actually causes the problem that the commit claims to solve.

The substitution would also do nothing to help if the current directory name contained other types of whitespace; although, admittedly, that would be exceedingly rare.

jaseg and others added some commits Apr 18, 2013
@jaseg jaseg The safe-paste plugin now works with tmux, too f2b915c
@cborgia cborgia Edited Grammar in template file 52dc3b9
@hron84 hron84 Adding undocumented clean command to completion
Clean command is undocumented (not included in
bundle help output), however that is very useful,
especially in RVM environment you can clean up
outdated gems in gemset.
@ronshapiro ronshapiro Separate the battery_pct_remaining data into it's own function so tha…
…t it can be obtained even if the battery is connected.

Yes, this commit causing the problems while upgrading.
The error it throws is ~/.oh-my-zsh/tools/ 2: Bad substitution
I had to comment the current_path=${current_path/ /\\ } line to make it work.


@bobmaerten: Nope, it certainly should not be run in bash; while it is probable that a system having zsh has bash to, we cannot tell.
Adding bash as requirement for oh-my-zsh is indeed a bad idea.

@aschrab: See my pull request #1775

felipec and others added some commits Apr 21, 2013
@felipec felipec git: fix parse_git_dirty()
If oh-my-zsh.hide-status is configured, the 'clean' code won't be
generated, and some themes might end up distorted. Let's generate the
'clean' code even when we don't want the show the dirty status.

Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
@felipec felipec gitfast: fix prompt
Certain themes need the 'clean' mark, and some people like to have the
'dirty' one, just like the original git_promp_info().

We probably shouldn't be modifying that function, there's no other clean
way to achieve our own status information, so let's try to emulate the
original as much as possible.

Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
@felipec felipec gitfast: synchronize with upstream
Up to version

Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
@jtheoof jtheoof Added option to allow untracked files as non dirty
In this commit, the option only works for git but it should not be to hard for
someone who knows svn to so the same.
This commit is largely inspired by @yoavweiss, I only added an option to use
Dustin Hemmerling mvn plugin was missing "redeploy" completion for tomcat. 785b1c6
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1747 from dhemmerling/mvn_tomcat-redeploy
mvn plugin was missing "redeploy" completion for tomcat.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1745 from jtheoof/master
Added option to allow untracked files as non dirty
@tobiassjosten tobiassjosten Added 'jekyll' to list of bundled commands 680302c
@johnjohndoe johnjohndoe Add auto-completion for zeus. d537193
@alec-c4 alec-c4 Update rails4.plugin.zsh
added alias for rake db:create
JamesFerguson Only trim remote names; be git-flow friendly
 - don't remove everything before the last /
 - do remove <remote_name>/
 - allows flow style feature/foobar branch names
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1750 from JamesFerguson/master
Make git_remote_branch plugin git-flow friendly
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1740 from felipec/fc/git
git: fix parse_git_dirty()
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1748 from tobiassjosten/patch-1
Added 'jekyll' to list of bundled commands
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1738 from ronshapiro/master
Battery plugin changes
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1737 from hron84/feature-bundler-add-cleanup
Adding undocumented clean command to completion
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1734 from cborgia/master
simple grammar change in template file
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1733 from jaseg/patch-1
The safe-paste plugin now works with tmux, too
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1749 from johnjohndoe/feature/zeus-auto-completion
Add auto-completion for zeus.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1739 from felipec/fc/gitfast
Updates to gifast
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1729 from statschner/master
Added git-flow-avh plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1728 from szines/patch-1
Update rvm.plugin.zsh to the latest ruby versions
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1726 from rkj/master
Slightly changed my themes to include return code of last invoked command.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1719 from MatthR3D/master
Improved the archlinux plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1714 from f0y/07738ea86330b7b77127fc6f18474b3da2c…

Colorize plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1707 from bkg/django-static
Add django plugin command
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1721 from z2v/hgplugin
Mercurial: add alias for 'hg bookmarks'
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1718 from toctan/master
command-not found support for Arch Linux
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1704 from laggyluke/st3
Support for Sublime Text 3
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1703 from marcparadise/mp/knife-chef-11-initial-s…

 initial support for chef 11 integrated knife-essentials
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1724 from miry/rails_aliases
Added global aliases to use RAILS_ENV.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1715 from dbohdan/master
Fixed a UTF-8 problem in the theme "fishy"
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1702 from mbauhardt/copyfile
a plugin (function) which copies the content of a file into the clipboar...
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1641 from NeuralSandwich/master
Battery plugin updates
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1634 from Anahkiasen/patch-1
Add alias for "composer dump-autoload"
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1622 from hacfi/patch-1
Fix Symfony2 command completion 'permission denied'
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1608 from swanandp/m_lion_terminal_same_tab_support
Mountain Lion Terminal App: Support for opening tabs and windows in the same folder.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1582 from To1ne/pushdminus
use pushdminus
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1575 from mguindin/agnoster-change
[agnoster-theme] modifying theme for dirty/staged files
@robbyrussell Resolving conflict when merging in 1570 7cdb6d6
@robbyrussell Resolving conflict in #1266 merge a2c8db9
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1565 from serdardalgic/autoenv-plugin
Add autoenv plugin, which adopts using Kenneth Reitz's autoenv.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1490 from khrt/master
Added support for Subversion 1.7 for SVN plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1620 from hreese/gpg-agent_with_sensible_ssh-agent
Disable ssh-agent support in gpg-agent-plugin if another ssh-agent is already available.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1223 from bigjust/master
Basic Virtualenv plugin
@robbyrussell Resolving conflict with merge of #970 81ed0c4
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1569 from ZeroKnight/master
Better custom theme loading
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #818 from jmacdonald/master
Alias for 'git diff'
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1088 from avit/avit-theme
avit theme
@robbyrussell Updating the README file dd62470
@robbyrussell Merge branch 'master' of c3c355a
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1053 from cwoodcox/master
Added a neat theme called half-life. It's pretty and quite functional.
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #922 from sbfaulkner/master
patch rbenv support for themes
@robbyrussell Resolving conflict when merging in #528 8ce587a
@robbyrussell Merge branch 'master' of cd09089
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #424 from hackedy/fix
use /home/ryan/d/.oh-my-zsh instead of ~/.oh-my-zsh for cache
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #711 from jasongill/textmate-plugin-improvement
Improvements to the tm command in the TextMate plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1225 from bobmaerten/patch-1
vagrant uses 'ssh-config' command, not 'ssh_config'
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1102 from drnic/git-config
More git aliases
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1091 from jmazzi/patch-1
Improve README; Instructions for handling updates
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #917 from agate/patch-1
added "publish" and "track" command completion for git-flow plugin
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1633 from alec-c4/master
rails4 plugin
@robbyrussell Resolving conflict with merge of #1058 f44d403
@robbyrussell Merge branch 'master' of dff6333
@robbyrussell Spin to bundler ffc6ae9
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1254 from systemfreund/master
Added completion plugin for "Go" compiler
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #690 from essembeh/master
Adding ~/.ssh/config parsing for host list and theme.

This commit's message appears to reference a non-relevant issue.


@blueyed: Right, the correct issue is #1489

This commit adds a blank for clean repositories. See with a prompt prior to and after including this commit. I don't see where exactly this is introduced as part of this commit.

This change stops dirty prompt displaying at all on my machine. If I manually revert this commit then it works fine.

@marcqualie is correct. This change breaks functionality by preventing untracked files from ever showing dirty prompt, even when $DISABLE_UNTRACKED_FILES_DIRTY is false. It basically overrides the preceeding 5 lines of code. Can this change be reverted? I don't see what was wrong with it before.

+1 on this. The merge conflict was incorrectly resolved here. The original code already fixed issue #1570, using the DISABLE_UNTRACKED_FILES_DIRTY variable instead.

kevinxucs and others added some commits Apr 29, 2013
@kevinxucs kevinxucs Change sublime text path select priority on mac.
User changed symbolic link for sublime binary is now top priority,
since this allows users to actually specify which version of sublime
they want to use. Sublime text 2 binary has higher priority over
sublime text (3) binary, since sublime text 2 is considered more
@lorn lorn Cache for fasd --init
Using cache technique for faster fasd --init as shown at:
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1779 from lorn/fasd_update
Cache for fasd --init
@robbyrussell Merge pull request #1774 from kevinxucs/sublime-default-2
Change sublime text path select priority on mac.

@robbyrussell I'm not sure what happened to this change, but it's not in the current master...

Circle looks bad in the iTerm2 (Menlo 14pt)


@robbyrussell Why call spin from bundler? It's said in spin docs that it can be used outside of bundler.

Spin is designed so that your app never has to know about it. You can use Spin to run your tests while the rest of your team doesn't even know that Spin exists.

nevir commented on 7c50867 May 25, 2013

This is a dupe of the go plugin that was added ~8 months ago, unless I'm missing something


hi, do you know how the arrow can be displayed correctly ? I am using this( agnoster theme and even with the change you made here it's still not encoding correctly(i am on Yosemite 10.10.5). I have also installed the but still seems not encode correctly the character. Here is a screenshot. Thank you for your time!
screen shot 2015-08-23 at 19 47 24


Shouldn't it still be adding the -f $fixed_config argument in the user-supplied-argument case, at least unless the user has passed their own -f argument? As is, this will mean the 256-color terminal detection won't work for the tmux sessions started from calls where the user supplies additional arguments.


Do these really need to be exported to the environment? Or would just removing the local be sufficient? If I understand the Antigen issue correctly, it's that Antigen loads its plugins inside function calls. Because OMZ does not, that top-level local fixed_config was not actually making fixed_config local.

Is this why $ZSH_TMUX_TERM is exported, too?

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