Optionally disable git_prompt_info with git config option for very large repos #2270

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This adds a check to git_prompt_info for the git config option oh-my-zsh.hide-status before doing anything.

Having repo status in the prompt for very large repos becomes unmanageable and git status takes too long to return if it is executed before every PROMPT is shown.

This allows git_prompt_info to be enabled by default but disabled on a repo by repo basis if the flag is set to 1.

This is nothing more than an updated version of #1772 to bring it up to date with the current layout of lib/git.zsh

@robbyrussell robbyrussell merged commit ac83834 into robbyrussell:master Dec 3, 2013



This uses the same option parse_git_dirty was using :(

My use-case: checking if my huge repo is dirty on every prompt is very slow, so I disabled this using oh-my-zsh.hide-status. I still want to see the current branch I'm on (which is fast).

Could you add a second option oh-my-zsh.hide-dirty?


Errrr, whoops. I broke your workflow there didn't I?
Updating the clean/dirty check to use oh-my-zsh.hide-dirty would work for you though? @robbyrussell any opinion on this? I can update this PR with a quick fix, but @Javache its literally a one-word change on lib/git.zsh line 16 if you want to just go ahead and do this on your own local copy.


@michaelorr Did just that, just wanted it to get fixed here as well :) Thanks for following up on it!

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