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Added support to cloudapp for uploading stdin #658

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4 participants

Hugo Wetterberg Sorin Ionescu Robby Russell Matthew McCullough
Hugo Wetterberg

Example usage:

echo "Hello" | cloudapp - hello.txt

Sorin Ionescu

Please send this patch to the original author of cloudapp.rb.

Robby Russell

Bringing @matthewmccullough into the discussion...

Sorin Ionescu

@robbyrussell I believe @holman is the original author.

I don't think this makes much sense as a plugin. It's an alias to a script. cloudapp.rb makes more sense being dropped in one's personal bin directory.

Matthew McCullough

I agree that it is centered around an alias and I could add some completions. But is purely aliases. I would like to know what the threshold is for a plugin if others are just aliases. Let me know and we'll proceed accordingly.

Sorin Ionescu

Many aliases are fine. In this case, it's just one alias to a script that should be in a /bin directory in your $PATH with many other scripts.

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Commits on Oct 12, 2011
  1. Hugo Wetterberg
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Showing with 14 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +14 −2 plugins/cloudapp/cloudapp.rb
16 plugins/cloudapp/cloudapp.rb
@@ -45,16 +45,28 @@ def ok? ; true end
if ARGV[0].nil?
puts "You need to specify a file to upload."
+elsif ARGV[0] == '-'
+ if ARGV[1].nil?
+ puts "You need to specify a filename for the input stream."
+ puts "Example usage: echo \"Hello\" | cloudapp - hello.txt"
+ exit!(1)
+ end
+ file = "/tmp/#{ARGV[1]}"
+ f = open(file, File::CREAT | File::WRONLY | File::BINARY)
+ f.write
+ f.close
+ file = ARGV[0]
-url = CloudApp::Item.create(:upload, {:file => ARGV[0]}).url
+url = CloudApp::Item.create(:upload, {:file => file}).url
# Say it for good measure.
puts "Uploaded to #{url}."
# Get the embed link.
-url = "#{url}/#{ARGV[0].split('/').last}"
+url = "#{url}/#{file.split('/').last}"
# Copy it to your (Mac's) clipboard.
`echo '#{url}' | tr -d "\n" | pbcopy`
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