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Added my theme - 'mcbride' #685

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Two things that make it different than most other themes. The first line of my prompt contains the last 9 used dirs, so you can quickly enter a number to switch dirs. Also each line starts with the history number so you can easily so stuff like : cat !343:1

Chris McBride added some commits Oct 30, 2011

Thanks for sending this across. However, at this point in time... I am not going to be accepting any new themes for a while. My aim is to work out a new solution for how to manage user theme contributions better in the future, but am thinking that 100+ is already too many for folks to browse/select from. :-)

Be sure to follow @ohmyzsh on twitter ( ) to stay tuned for when we might have a good location for such themes.

ProTip: If you have a custom theme and want to use it... you might check out this (poorly documented) feature from pull-request #1111.

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