Mercurial Prompt Support #901

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Adds new library to provide similar functions to existing git library. Works in the same way, provides hg_prompt_info and hg_prompt_status that do the same thing as their git counterparts.


Set appropriate ZSH_THEME_HG_PROMPT_* variables and use hg_prompt_status in a theme. Ugly looking example provided in lib/mjh.theme.zsh just uses the existing git ones.

Mathew Hall added some commits Feb 1, 2012
Mathew Hall Added support for Mercurial repositories. Works in the same way as GI…
…T; themes need to use functions defined in lib/hg.zsh.

Currently uses git theme variables ($ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_*). Remove assignments at the top of hg.zsh and define them in themes to change.
Mathew Hall Cleaned lib/hg.zsh of references to git.
Theme now sets necessary vars for hg info on prompts.

@sjl wrote a Mercurial plugin, hg-prompt, that greatly simplifies the inserting of Mercurial repository information in prompts.

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