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Replace echo and grep with shell comparisons. #911

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ssoriche commented Feb 3, 2012

Testing on a fairly fast system this saved 0.1 seconds per shell request. On my slow MacBook Pro, it's saved a lot more than that.


sjl and others added some commits Jan 18, 2010
@sjl sjl Add a new "prose" theme. 926d116
@sjl sjl Switch around the .gitignore a bit to account for symlinking. 0f711ca
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of git:// c3be63c
@sjl sjl Fix the collapsed-pwd. d136031
@sjl sjl Add annoying OS X files to the ignore. aa15f1b
Steve Losh Improve the git prompt. 3d22ee2
Steve Losh Clear new tabs. 6ec9f8c
@sjl sjl themes/prose: Replace collapse_pwd with a built-in version. 26866cf
@curiousstranger curiousstranger Initial merge, adding vi key bindings and RPROMPT clock 94db532
@curiousstranger curiousstranger vi keybindings 2e9ab0b
@curiousstranger curiousstranger Changed default theme 35e544f
Steve Losh Add bare dot aliases for backing out of directories. 2b61160
Steve Losh Load zmv to help with complex renames. 863b284
Steve Losh Add a file for Python-related things. 7bde96c
@curiousstranger curiousstranger Merge git:// into sjl f0d9edc
@curiousstranger curiousstranger git_prompt_info didn't account for empty gitstat case.
Problem was only noticable with non-empty $ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_CLEAN
@sjl sjl Undo the VI keybinding change and switch my prompt to be the default. e5fa536
@Tranquility Tranquility lib/completion: Don't select the first item of completion list.
Based on a commit by: Ole Reifschneider <>
Steve Losh Trash all the ruby/git cruft and tweak completion a bit. 66e9fa1
@sjl sjl Add the cdv alias to cd to the virtualenvs directory. ce4dc6f
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of be0191c
Steve Losh Add the pman function to view man pages as PDFs. 9d43c16
Steve Losh Add some useful Django-related aliases. f7e528b
@sjl sjl Add the cdp function. 9cc2d09
@sjl sjl Add some simple Redis aliases. ad2d5b0
@sjl sjl Add the pj function to easily prettify JSON. 1df9ea8
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of 7b68b96
@sjl sjl Add some Gunicorn aliases and the oo alias. 0be470c
@sjl sjl Add some Supervisord aliases. 0168043
@sjl sjl Move over a few more aliases from my personal .zshrc. 37303d0
@sjl sjl Start a custom version of startapp. 4ea95c3
@sjl sjl Start using tree. 968aaf2
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of git:// bf13b92
@sjl sjl lib/django: add a pmsp alias 2d82f60
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of f35fb82
@sjl sjl Add an alias for quick looking. e13b2dc
@sjl sjl Update Mercurial tab completion functions. d52ac73
@sjl sjl Remove the example script to make custom symlinkable. 7ab8155
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of 677c845
@sjl sjl Remove some unused aliases/functions. 8b78c01
@sjl sjl django: add pmt 3f7b1eb
@sjl sjl lib/python: lazily load the extremely slow virtualenvwrapper f2dad51
@sjl sjl lib: prune some things to load faster 3e49476
@sjl sjl Add Vim undo files to the .gitignore. edda779
@sjl sjl themes/prose: remove the battery charge prompt c279e2a
@sjl sjl themes/prose: add .box-name support 8f292a0
@sjl sjl lib/misc: add cj function 036ab9a
@sjl sjl themes/prose: Remove prompt_char to make the prompt faster. cd4d2c8
@webflo webflo fix path to github repository and installation instructions f2f09f0
@sjl sjl Remove terminal title junk. ee28db2
@nicoulaj nicoulaj Add a plugin that emulates Fish style live command coloring. 95d695f
@sjl sjl lib/django: add South aliases d113618
@sjl sjl lib/misc: add the "What the hell did I do the other day?" function 9bedf29
@sjl sjl Merge with origin. f1fb180
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'command-coloring-plugin' of… dd22de5
@sjl sjl Add kennethreitz' Fabric tab completion as a plugin. 5aa3706
@sjl sjl Better syntax highlighting. ef5e8b1
@sjl sjl Syntax highlighting colors. fee5b95
@sjl sjl lib/directories: remove the useless . alias 0503e60
Shawn Sorichetti created a vim-mode plugin as I like to use ^r for searching, and the …
…arrow keys
Shawn Sorichetti renamed to follow naming standard cd2f1ef
Shawn Sorichetti add subversion plugin 4425349
@sjl sjl Add encrypt/decrypt. 57af129
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of a88f0fc
@sjl sjl themes/prose: make the Mercurial binary configurable 9f202fc
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbyrussell/master'
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'sjl/master' 915c88a
Shawn Sorichetti missing a carriage return after function declaration 7f2d8f6
@sjl sjl Merge pull request #2 from webflo/f2f09f0ae6ed10a7e6e16c9bc111e4d4bd9…

Shawn Sorichetti switched to git.zsh from original db8efc9
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'sjl/master'
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbyrussell/master'
@sjl sjl Add the rprompt with the retval indicator. 2833427
@sjl sjl Merge branch 'master' of 3e67320
@sjl sjl Merge with upstream. b17f997
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbyrussell/master' 2374536
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'sjl/master'
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbyrussell/master' into develop
Shawn Sorichetti Create my own theme to customize the prompts based on git_prompt_staus.
Theme is based on Steve Losh's prose.zsh-theme.
Shawn Sorichetti Replace the echo and grep commands on $INDEX with shell comparisons.
Saves the forking.
Shawn Sorichetti Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbyrussell/master' into develop 35d0933
Shawn Sorichetti change what symbols are used for different git statuses. Didn't like the
previous ones as they conflicted with what I'm used to.
Shawn Sorichetti The original code would only match if the first line matched the
conditions. By adding the * after the # it now searches throughout the
string. The only issues could be when filenames have spaces in them,
specifically when the last letter of one section matches and then
there's a space, or multiple spaces.
@ssoriche ssoriche closed this Mar 25, 2012
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