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Latest commit 78bf3dd @eddie-dunn eddie-dunn pylint.plugin.zsh: Remove include-ids=y
The flag `--include-ids` is soon to be deprecated for Pylint. This pull request
removes that option from pylint-quick
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adb adb: add more commands
ant Fix for ant targets with leading dash
apache2-macports Plugins: apache2-macports - add README
archlinux archlinux: use $+commands instead of 'command -v' in a subshell
autoenv autoenv: actually source autoenv once located
autojump Update autojump plugin for latest brew installation
autopep8 Completion for python, pep8, autopep8 and pylint
aws Fix aws plugin RPROMPT pollution
battery Use $OSTYPE instead of uname to speed things up
bbedit Adding
bgnotify [plugins/bgnotify] fix for iTerm2 notification clicks
boot2docker Add new boot2docker options
bower Removed unnecessary execute permissions for some plugins
branch Updating speed test info and using zsh command line.
brew-cask brew-cask plugin: use spaces instead of tabs
brew Add `leaves` command to `brew` completion
bundler bundle outdated alias
bwana Bwana plugin for reading man pages in Safari
cabal Merge pull request #2346 from zsiciarz/master
cake Switch newer-than logic to get the desired behavior
cakephp3 Add CakePHP3 plugin
capistrano use capit instead of shipit as shipit conflicts with npm package shipit
cask carton was renamed to cask
catimg Verification of convert inside the function
celery Add celery completion
chruby chruby plugin locals moved inside function
chucknorris Merge pull request #4214 from queria/chuck-linefix
cloudapp Added cloudapp from @holman of @GitHub fame
codeclimate Add codeclimate autocomplete plugin
coffee Fix typo.
colemak Fix path for colemak plugin
colored-man-pages colored-man-pages: Use Portable `less` Path
colorize Update colorize.plugin.zsh
command-not-found Add OSX support for command-not-found
common-aliases common-aliases: handle "dev" versions in version check
compleat Cleanup
composer [Composer] redirect stderr to /dev/null for completion commands
copydir clip*: add xsel support
copyfile Add clipcopy() and clippaste() generic cross-platform CLI clipboard f…
cp Replace cp verbose with rsync
cpanm Optimize plugin loading so that only one call to compinit is required
debian Differing upgrade and safe-upgrade
dircycle dircycle: remove redundant key bindings
dirhistory style fixes
dirpersist style fixes
django [Modify] Update django.plugin.zsh for Django 1.7.6
docker-compose Plugin now uses completion script from docker-compose repo.
docker Add support for Docker images from custom registries
emacs Add check for display list equals nil
ember-cli Merge master (rebase being super annoying). Fix conflicts
emoji-clock added support for GNU version of `date`
emoji Merge pull request #4244 from Gnouc/master
emotty Add emotty plugin
encode64 Adding support for stdin input in the encode64 plugin
extract Recognize Firefox addon and Android packages.
fabric Update to a better fab compeletion script.
fancy-ctrl-z Moved comments and credits from source to README
fasd Use standard open command in fasd and lighthouse plugins
fastfile Enhance handleing of spaces in filenames
fbterm Exit only if the fbterm session closed correctly
fedora Added fedora plugin, based on dnf/yum plugin
forklift forklift: update homepage URL and tweak formatting
frontend-search Refactor and clear up README file
gas Update the script to account for the changes in 0.1.7 where .gas is a…
gem gem plugin: added _files to install command
git-extras Fixed a typo.
git-flow-avh Update git-flow-avh 1.7.0
git-flow Point to the GitHub repository
git-hubflow Add Git Hubflow aliases
git-prompt Show tag name when detached status if possible
git-remote-branch Only trim remote names; be git-flow friendly
git Move current_branch() from git plugin to core lib/git.zsh
gitfast Adding quotes to git completion discovery path
github Add hub's completion file
gitignore Update gitignore.plugin: comma separated arguments
glassfish application completion
gnu-utils gnu-utils: add findutils (find,xargs,locate)
go remove duplicate 'go' plugin, symlink to 'golang'
golang handle multiple paths in GOPATH
gpg-agent PLUGIN: gpg-agent: export SSH_* environment variables too
gradle Cleanup gradle plugin file
grails Removed unnecessary execute permissions for some plugins
grunt Update Grunt plugin to 0.1.2
gulp Update gulp.plugin.zsh
heroku add '--help' to heroku commands
history-substring-search history-substring-search: bind arrows in both emacs and viins modes
history Added file
httpie Add README for httpie plugin
iwhois provides iwhois command to use CNAMES under to find mos…
jake-node Jake-node plugin : update
jhbuild Add initial JHBuild plugin support
jira jira: add README, "emulate -L zsh", add "dumpconfig" action
jruby Removed unnecessary execute permissions for some plugins
jsontools adding urldecode_json to compliment urlencode_json and updating readm…
jump Fixed jump pluging to display the right mark name on 'mark . '
kate Add a plugin to support kate the kde texteditor
kitchen add kitchen completion plugin from @petere
knife Add chef-vault knife cmd support
knife_ssh No cat, and hide errors for missing cache file
laravel Added laravel plugin which gives aliases to artisan and bob, and
laravel4 Laravel 5 support
laravel5 Update aliases in laravel5.plugin.zsh file
last-working-dir style fixes
lein Added subcommands for leiningen 1.7.0
lighthouse Use standard open command in fasd and lighthouse plugins
lol git lol
macports Optimize plugin loading so that only one call to compinit is required
man Add 'man' plugin.
marked2 Adding and renaming plugin
mercurial Use actual `commit --amend` command for Mercurial
meteor Add completion for package add and remove
mix-fast Add mix-fast plugin (similar to rake-fast)
mix Update Mix complition upto 1.0.4
mosh Add support for mosh (remote-shell) tab completion.
mvn Added alias for downloading maven dependencies' sources and javadocs
mysql-macports Fixed folder naming for mysql-macports plugin and improved start/stop…
n98-magerun Add file completion as optional argument
nanoc Add new 'nanoc' plugin
nmap Add 3 more nmap aliases to nmap plugin
node Use standard open command in current plugins
npm Remove broken link and move npmg alias position
nvm NVM: Avoid providing completions when nvm is not installed
nyan Update nyan.plugin.zsh
osx Merge pull request #4348 from andybateman/patch-1
pass Fix pass zsh completion and autoloading
paver A paver (Python build and configuration utility) plugin
pep8 Completion for python, pep8, autopep8 and pylint
per-directory-history Update to latest per-directory-history
perl Removing say() function in perl plugin so that it doesn't overwrite O…
phing fix `-nt` usage
pip Add pip2 and pip-2.7 support to pip plugin
pj [~] fix plugin pj
pod generate with 'pod --completion-script' /cc thx to @ajmccall
postgres Add reload and status alises to postgres
pow Change all pwd calls for $PWD variable
powder Added auto complete plugin for powder gem…
powify Update powify for displayed parameter is not enough, and when there i…
profiles Fixes the profiles-plugin
pyenv Fixd bug for pyenv plugin
pylint pylint.plugin.zsh: Remove include-ids=y
python Merge pull request #2088 from Stibbons/gsemet_push_pep_pylint_completion
rails Add 'rake stats' alias.
rake-fast Refactor for method in plugins/rake-fast/rake-fast.plugin.zsh
rake Adieu l'ami.
rand-quote Remove code, not comment it out
rbenv reduce rbenv plugin load time by 150ms by removing additional brew call
rbfu provide plugin for rbfu the ruby version switcher
rebar Add rebar to plugin
redis-cli Fixed typo for one of the subcommands (linset -> linsert)
repo New alias for repo: ru and rst
rsync Adding compression to rsync commands
ruby Fixed the rfind command in the ruby plugin
rvm rvm plugin: Fix `gems` to work with GNU sed
safe-paste The safe-paste plugin now works with tmux, too
sbt SBT and Scala plugins.
scala SBT and Scala plugins.
scd Update to the upstream smart-change-directory.
screen Add support of screen-* $TERM in screen plugin
scw Support for 'scw' command (Scaleway CLI)
sfffe Moved misplaced plugins.
singlechar Make (s)xf not search in current dir
spring spring boot plugin
sprunge sprunge-plugin: Remove the unnecessary while loop.
ssh-agent typo, fixes #1806
stack Remove unnecessary sandbox fn
sublime Update sublime.plugin.zsh
sudo Esc-esc now toggles sudo.
supervisor Add version option
suse Fixed lines 32, 33, 34 where one 'p' was missing in 'zypper' command.
svn-fast-info ignore any grep aliases that might be defined
svn svn plugin: urldecode repo info
symfony Fix symfony command completion 'permission denied'
symfony2 plugin symfony2 sf2.7 compatibility fix
systemadmin Updated with @mcornella suggestions
systemd Merge pull request #4204 from DoctorJellyface/patch-1
taskwarrior Update taskwarrior completion to latest version (Jul 26 2015)
terminalapp Add a deprecation comment.
terminitor terminitor plugin: add autocompletion also for edit, delete and setup…
terraform Update to latest Terraform release 0.6.1
textastic Adding
textmate Removing legacy rails-specific aliases from the Textmate plugin. This…
thefuck thefuck-alias -> thefuck --alias
themes themes plugin now picks a random theme if no argument is provided.
thor Thor
tmux-cssh [tmux-cssh plugin] Initial version
tmux additional tmux aliases
tmuxinator Fix tmuxinator completion for symlinked dirs
torrent Adding torrent tools plugin.
tugboat Added the tugboat autocompletion plugin
ubuntu Merge pull request #4117 from nextgenthemes/patch-1
urltools Add shell built method
vagrant Added missing commands to Vagrant plugin, updated commands description
vault Vault basic autocompletion.
vi-mode Merge pull request #4191 from apjanke/vi-mode-fix-smkx
vim-interaction [vim-interaction plugin] Escaping special chars in file names and sim…
virtualenv Make the virtualenv plugin themable
virtualenvwrapper Add quotes to support folders with whitespace
vundle Update link
wakeonlan Adding README file for the wakeonlan plugin
wd [wd] update minor version (v0.4.2)
web-search Add Ecosia to web-search plugin.
wp-cli Update
xcode Update Simulator's Path to XCode 7.x
yii Added Yii basic command completion
yii2 Updated Yii2 command completion
yum Fixed unmached " in yum plugin
z Merge branch 'apjanke-z-allow-custom'
zeus Disable globbing when executing `zeus rake` aliases to enable use of …
zsh-navigation-tools znt: optimizations for zsh<=5.2, use $BUFFER if cmd is not from history
zsh_reload Update /home/srj/.oh-my-zsh/cache references
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