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Latest commit 7fabc8b Jun 21, 2016 @clemensg clemensg committed with mcornella bundler plugin: Simplify retrieval of cpu count on OSX (#5180)
Calling awk is not necessary here, sysctl has the -n flag to print the value.

Signed-off-by: Clemens Gruber <>


  • adds completion for basic bundler commands
  • adds short aliases for common bundler commands
    • be aliased to bundle exec
    • bl aliased to bundle list
    • bp aliased to bundle package
    • bo aliased to bundle open
    • bout aliased to bundle outdated
    • bu aliased to bundle update
    • bi aliased to bundle install --jobs=<cpu core count> (only for bundler >= 1.4.0)
  • adds a wrapper for common gems:
    • looks for a binstub under ./bin/ and executes it (if present)
    • calls bundle exec <gem executable> otherwise

For a full list of common gems being wrapped by default please look at the bundler.plugin.zsh file.


Please use the exact name of the executable and not the gem name.

Add additional gems to be wrapped

Add this before the plugin-list in your .zshrc:

plugins=(... bundler ...)

This will add the wrapper for the rubocop gem (i.e. the executable).

Exclude gems from being wrapped

Add this before the plugin-list in your .zshrc:

plugins=(... bundler ...)

This will exclude the foreman and spin gems (i.e. their executable) from being wrapped.

Excluded gems

These gems should not be called with bundle exec. Please see issue #2923 on GitHub for clarification.

berks foreman mailcatcher rails ruby spin