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Coffeescript Plugin

This plugin provides aliases for quickly compiling and previewing your cofeescript code.

When writing Coffeescript it's very common to want to preview the output of a certain snippet of code, either because you want to test the output or because you'd like to execute it in a browser console which doesn't accept Coffeescript.

Preview the compiled result of your coffeescript with cf "code" as per the following:

$ cf 'if a then b else c'
if (a) {
} else {

Also provides the following aliases:

  • cfc: Copies the compiled JS to your clipboard. Very useful when you want to run the code in a JS console.

  • cfp: Compiles from your currently copied clipboard. Useful when you want to compile large/multi-line snippets

  • cfpc: Paste coffeescript from clipboard, compile to JS, then copy the the result back to clipboard.