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This plugin provides completion for composer, as well as aliases for frequent composer commands. It also adds Composer's global binaries to the PATH, using Composer if available.

To use it add composer to the plugins array in your zshrc file.

plugins=(... composer)


Alias Command Description
c composer Starts composer
csu composer self-update Updates composer to the latest version
cu composer update Updates composer dependencies and composer.lock file
cr composer require Adds new packages to composer.json
crm composer remove Removes packages from composer.json
ci composer install Resolves and installs dependencies from composer.json
ccp composer create-project Create new project from an existing package
cdu composer dump-autoload Updates the autoloader
cdo composer dump-autoload --optimize-autoloader Converts PSR-0/4 autoloading to classmap for a faster autoloader (good for production)
cgu composer global update Allows update command to run on COMPOSER_HOME directory
cgr composer global require Allows require command to run on COMPOSER_HOME directory
cgrm composer global remove Allows remove command to run on COMPOSER_HOME directory
cget curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer Installs composer in the current directory