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mcornella Fix cp plugin completion and refactor (#5427)
* cp plugin: change cpv to function so that completion works

* cp plugin: show numbers in units of 1024 (K,M,G,T)

Use `-h` level (3): output numbers in units of 1024.
See the manpage of rsync for more information.

* cp plugin: add a README file

* cp plugin: recurse directories

* cp plugin: remove `--` to separate files from options

This has some undesired effects, like having `cpv --help` be a file
not found error.

Use `--` yourself if you need it (which you generally don't):

cpv -- -some-file-with-hyphens.txt /tmp

Added this same info to the README.
Latest commit 81981ef Oct 4, 2016


cp plugin

This plugin defines a cpv function that uses rsync so that you get the features and security of this command.

To enable, add cp to your plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... cp)


The enabled options for rsync are:

  • -p: preserves permissions.

  • -o: preserves owner.

  • -g: preserves group.

  • -b: make a backup of the original file instead of overwriting it, if it exists.

  • -r: recurse directories.

  • -hhh: outputs numbers in human-readable format, in units of 1024 (K, M, G, T).

  • --backup-dir=/tmp/rsync: move backup copies to "/tmp/rsync".

  • -e /dev/null: only work on local files (disable remote shells).

  • --progress: display progress.