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This plugin supports working with GitHub from the command line. It provides a few things:

  • Sets up the hub wrapper and completions for the git command if you have hub installed.
  • Completion for the github Ruby gem.
  • Convenience functions for working with repos and URLs.


  • empty_gh - Creates a new empty repo (with a README.md) and pushes it to GitHub
  • new_gh - Initializes an existing directory as a repo and pushes it to GitHub
  • exist_gh - Takes an existing repo and pushes it to GitHub
  • git.io - Shortens a URL using git.io


Hub needs to be installed if you want to use it. On OS X with Homebrew, this can be done with brew install hub. The hub completion definition needs to be added to your $FPATH before initializing OMZ.

The github Ruby gem needs to be installed if you want to use it.


These settings affect github's behavior.

Environment variables


Git configuration options

  • github.user - GitHub username for repo operations

See man hub for more details.

Homebrew installation note

If you have installed hub using Homebrew, its completions may not be on your $FPATH if you are using the system zsh. Homebrew installs zsh completion definitions to /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions, which will be on $FPATH for the Homebrew-installed zsh, but not for the system zsh. If you want it to work with the system zsh, add this to your ~/.zshrc before it sources oh-my-zsh.sh.

if (( ! ${fpath[(I)/usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions]} )); then