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Latest commit cca422e @apjanke apjanke Mercurial plugin: revise README
Closes #4616
Changes the `plugins=(... mercurial ...)` to be closer to correct zsh syntax, removing commas and extra spaces.
Revises discussion on configuring themes to avoid sounding like users should modify the theme definition file in the main OMZ folder. Prioritizes the suggestion of using a theme which already supports hg_prompt_info.

Mercurial plugin


Update .zshrc:

  1. Add name to the list of plugins, e.g. plugins=(... mercurial ...) (that is pretty obvious).
  2. Switch to a theme which uses hg_prompt_info.

    Or, customize the $PROMPT variable of your current theme to contain current folder mercurial repo info. This can be done by putting a custom version of the theme in $ZSH_CUSTOM or by changing $PROMPT in .zshrc after loading the theme.

    The robbyrussell theme is used by default, so you need to modify $PROMPT var by adding $(hg_prompt_info) after $(git_prompt_info), so it looks like this:

    PROMPT='${ret_status}%{$fg_bold[green]%}%p %{$fg[cyan]%}%c %{$fg_bold[blue]%}$(git_prompt_info)$(hg_prompt_info)%{$fg_bold[blue]%} % %{$reset_color%}'
  3. Initialize additional vars used in plugin. So in short put next in .zshrc:

    ZSH_THEME_HG_PROMPT_DIRTY="%{$fg[magenta]%}) %{$fg[yellow]%}✗%{$reset_color%}"

What's inside?

Adds handy aliases:

  • hgc - hg commit
  • hgb - hg branch
  • hgba - hg branches
  • hgbk - hg bookmarks
  • hgco - hg checkout
  • hgd - hg diff
  • hged - hg diffmerge
pull and update
  • hgi - hg incoming
  • hgl - hg pull -u
  • hglr - hg pull --rebase
  • hgo - hg outgoing
  • hgp - hg push
  • hgs - hg status
  • hgsl - hg log --limit 20 --template "{node|short} | {date|isodatesec} | {author|user}: {desc|strip|firstline}\n"
this is the 'git commit --amend' equivalent
  • hgca - hg qimport -r tip ; hg qrefresh -e ; hg qfinish tip
list unresolved files (since hg does not list unmerged files in the status command)
  • hgun - hg resolve --list

Displays repo branch and directory status in prompt

This is the same as git plugin does.

Note: Additional changes to .zshrc, or using a theme designed to use hg_prompt_info, are required in order for this to work.


ptrv - original creator

oshybystyi - created this README and know how most of code works

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