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The meteor plugin provides many useful aliases as well as completion for the meteor command.

Enable it by adding meteor to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... meteor)


Alias Command Description
ma meteor add Add a package to this project
map meteor add-platform Add a platform to this project
mad meteor admin Administrative commands
mau meteor authorized View or change authorized users and organizations for a site
mb meteor build Build this project for all platforms
mcl meteor claim Claim a site deployed with an old Meteor version
mca meteor configure-android Run the Android configuration tool from Meteor's ADK environment
mc meteor create Create a new project
mdb meteor debug Run the project, but suspend the server process for debugging
mde meteor deploy Deploy this project to Meteor
mis meteor install-sdk Installs SDKs for a platform
ml meteor list List the packages explicitly used by your project
mlp meteor list-platforms List the platforms added to your project
mls meteor list-sites List sites for which you are authorized
mli meteor login Log in to your Meteor developer account
mlo meteor logout Log out of your Meteor developer account
mlog meteor logs Show logs for specified site
mm meteor mongo Connect to the Mongo database for the specified site
mp meteor publish Publish a new version of a package to the package server
mpa meteor publish-for-arch Builds an already-published package for a new platform
mpr meteor publish-release Publish a new meteor release to the package server
mr meteor remove Remove a package from this project
mrp meteor remove-platform Remove a platform from this project
mre meteor reset Reset the project state. Erases the local database
m meteor run [default] Run this project in local development mode
ms meteor search Search through the package server database
msh meteor shell Launch a Node REPL for interactively evaluating server-side code
msw meteor show Show detailed information about a release or package
mt meteor test-packages Test one or more packages
mu meteor update Upgrade this project's dependencies to their latest versions
mw meteor whoami Prints the username of your Meteor developer account