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The pj plugin (short for Project Jump) allows you to define several folders where you store your projects, so that you can jump there directly by just using the name of the project directory.

Original idea and code by Jan De Poorter (@DefV) Source: https://gist.github.com/pjaspers/368394#gistcomment-1016


  1. Enable the pj plugin:

    plugins=(... pj)
  2. Set $PROJECT_PATHS in your ~/.zshrc:

    PROJECT_PATHS=(~/src ~/work ~/"dir with spaces")

You can now use one of the following commands:

pj my-project:

cd to the directory named "my-project" found in one of the $PROJECT_PATHS directories. If there are several directories named the same, the first one to appear in $PROJECT_PATHS has preference.

For example:

PROJECT_PATHS=(~/code ~/work)
$ ls ~/code    # ~/code/blog ~/code/react
$ ls ~/work    # ~/work/blog ~/work/project
$ pj blog      # <-- will cd to ~/code/blog
pjo my-project

Open the project directory with your defined $EDITOR. This follows the same directory rules as the pj command above.

Note: pjo is an alias of pj open.