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Latest commit abf73bb Aug 29, 2016 @mcornella mcornella rake-fast: change variable name from `$path' to `$file'
This solves a problem of using the variable name `$path' which then
smashes the environment variable `$PATH' and messes up the session.

See #5343 (comment)



Fast rake autocompletion plugin.

This plugin caches the output for later usage and significantly speeds it up. It generates a .rake_tasks cache file in parallel to the Rakefile. It also checks the file modification time to see if it needs to regenerate the cache file.

This is entirely based on this pull request by Ullrich Schäfer, which is inspired by this Ruby on Rails trick from 2006.

Think about that. 2006.

Since August of 2016, it also checks if it's in a Rails project and looks at rake files inside lib/tasks and their modification time to know if the cache file needs to be regenerated.


Just add the plugin to your .zshrc:

plugins=(... rake-fast)

You might consider adding .rake_tasks to your global .gitignore


Type rake, then press tab.

If you want to force the regeneration of the .rake_tasks file, run rake_refresh.