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Use $OSTYPE instead of uname to speed things up

The $OSTYPE variable is set at ZSH compile time and can be safely used
to determine the OS of the system. e.g. darwin (os x)
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Fast rake autocompletion plugin.

This script caches the output for later usage and significantly speeds it up. It generates a .rake_tasks cache file in parallel to the Rakefile. It also checks the file modification dates to see if it needs to regenerate the cache file.

This is entirely based on this pull request by Ullrich Schäfer, which is inspired by this Ruby on Rails trick from 2006.

Think about that. 2006.


Just add the plugin to your .zshrc:

plugins=(foo bar rake-fast)

You might consider adding .rake_tasks to your global .gitignore


rake, then press tab

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