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Latest commit 5bd9500 Sep 17, 2016 @mcornella mcornella ssh-agent: check ssh-agent process w/ ps again
The alternative is using tools that aren't available everywhere.
The latest report is that cygwin/msys2 doesn't have pgrep.

Fixes #5418.


ssh-agent plugin

This plugin starts automatically ssh-agent to set up and load whichever credentials you want for ssh connections.

To enable it, add ssh-agent to your plugins:

plugins=(... ssh-agent)


To enable agent forwarding support add the following to your zshrc file:

zstyle :omz:plugins:ssh-agent agent-forwarding on

To load multiple identities use the identities style, For example:

zstyle :omz:plugins:ssh-agent identities id_rsa id_rsa2 id_github

To set the maximum lifetime of the identities, use the lifetime style. The lifetime may be specified in seconds or as described in sshd_config(5) (see TIME FORMATS). If left unspecified, the default lifetime is forever.

zstyle :omz:plugins:ssh-agent lifetime 4h


Based on code from Joseph M. Reagle: http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2001-06/msg00537.html

Agent-forwarding support based on ideas from Florent Thoumie and Jonas Pfenniger