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This plugin provides aliases for tmux, the terminal multiplexer. To use it add tmux to the plugins array in your zshrc file.

plugins=(... tmux)

The plugin also supports the following -

  • determines if tmux is installed or not, if not, prompts user to install tmux
  • determines if the terminal supports the 256 colors or not, sets the appropriate configuration variable
  • sets the correct local config file to use


Alias Command Description
ta tmux attach -t Attach new tmux session to already running named session
tad tmux attach -d -t Detach named tmux session
ts tmux new-session -s Create a new named tmux session
tl tmux list-sessions Displays a list of running tmux sessions
tksv tmux kill-server Terminate all running tmux sessions
tkss tmux kill-session -t Terminate named running tmux session
tmux _zsh_tmux_plugin_run Start a new tmux session

Configuration Variables

Variable Description
ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART Automatically starts tmux (default: false)
ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART_ONCE Autostart only if tmux hasn't been started previously (default: true)
ZSH_TMUX_AUTOCONNECT Automatically connect to a previous session if it exits (default: true)
ZSH_TMUX_AUTOQUIT Automatically closes terminal once tmux exits (default: ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART)
ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM Sets $TERM to 256-color term or not based on current terminal support
ZSH_TMUX_ITERM2 Sets the -CC option for iTerm2 tmux integration (default: false)
ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM_WITHOUT_256COLOR $TERM to use for non 256-color terminals (default: screen)
ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM_WITH_256COLOR $TERM to use for 256-color terminals (default: screen-256color
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