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Ubuntu plugin

This plugin adds completions and aliases for Ubuntu.

To use it, add ubuntu to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... ubuntu)


Commands that use $APT will use apt if installed or defer to apt-get otherwise.

Alias Command Description
acs apt-cache search Search the apt-cache with the specified criteria
acp apt-cache policy Display the package source priorities
afs apt-file search --regexp Perform a regular expression apt-file search
afu sudo apt-file update Generates or updates the apt-file package database
ag sudo $APT Run apt-get with sudo
aga sudo $APT autoclean Clears out the local reposityory of retrieved package files that can no longer be downloaded
agb sudo $APT build-dep <source_pkg> Installs/Removes packages to satisfy the dependencies of a specified build pkg
agc sudo $APT clean Clears out the local repository of retrieved package files leaving everything from the lock files
agd sudo $APT dselect-upgrade Follows dselect choices for package installation
agi sudo $APT install <pkg> Install the specified package
agli apt list --installed List the installed packages
aglu sudo apt-get -u upgrade --assume-no Run an apt-get upgrade assuming no to all prompts
agp sudo $APT purge <pkg> Remove a package including any configuration files
agr sudo $APT remove <pkg> Remove a package
ags $APT source <pkg> Fetch the source for the specified package
agu sudo $APT update Update package list
agud sudo $APT update && sudo $APT dist-upgrade Update packages list and perform a distribution upgrade
agug sudo $APT upgrade Upgrade available packages
agar sudo $APT autoremove Remove automatically installed packages no longer needed
aguu sudo $APT update && sudo $APT upgrade Update packages list and upgrade available packages
allpkgs dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall Print all installed packages
kclean sudo aptitude remove -P ?and(~i~nlinux-(ima|hea) ?not(~n$(uname -r))) Remove ALL kernel images and headers EXCEPT the one in use
mydeb time dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc Create a basic .deb package
ppap sudo ppa-purge <ppa> Remove the specified PPA


Function Usage Description
aar aar ppa:xxxxxx/xxxxxx [packagename] apt-add-repository with automatic install/upgrade of the desired package
apt-history apt-history <action> Prints the Apt history of the specified action
apt-list-packages apt-list-packages List packages by size
kerndeb kerndeb Kernel-package building shortcut
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