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Maintainer: joshmedeski

WordPress Command Line Interface (https://wp-cli.org/)

WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.

This plugin adds tab completion for wp-cli as well as several aliases.

List of Aliases


  • wpcc='wp core config'
  • wpcd='wp core download'
  • wpci='wp core install'
  • wpcii='wp core is-installed'
  • wpcmc='wp core multisite-convert'
  • wpcmi='wp core multisite-install'
  • wpcu='wp core update'
  • wpcudb='wp core update-db'
  • wpcvc='wp core verify-checksums'


  • wpcre='wp cron event'
  • wpcrs='wp cron schedule'
  • wpcrt='wp cron test'


  • wpmc='wp menu create'
  • wpmd='wp menu delete'
  • wpmi='wp menu item'
  • wpml='wp menu list'
  • wpmlo='wp menu location'


  • wppa='activate'
  • wppda='deactivate'
  • wppd='delete'
  • wppg='get'
  • wppi='install'
  • wppis='is-installed'
  • wppl='list'
  • wppp='path'
  • wpps='search'
  • wppst='status'
  • wppt='toggle'
  • wppun='uninstall'
  • wppu='update'


  • wppoc='wp post create'
  • wppod='wp post delete'
  • wppoe='wp post edit'
  • wppogen='wp post generate'
  • wppog='wp post get'
  • wppol='wp post list'
  • wppom='wp post meta'
  • wppou='wp post update'
  • wppourl='wp post url'


  • wpsbl='wp sidebar list'


  • wpta='wp theme activate'
  • wptd='wp theme delete'
  • wptdis='wp theme disable'
  • wpte='wp theme enable'
  • wptg='wp theme get'
  • wpti='wp theme install'
  • wptis='wp theme is-installed'
  • wptl='wp theme list'
  • wptm='wp theme mod'
  • wptp='wp theme path'
  • wpts='wp theme search'
  • wptst='wp theme status'
  • wptu='wp theme update'


  • wpuac='wp user add-cap'
  • wpuar='wp user add-role'
  • wpuc='wp user create'
  • wpud='wp user delete'
  • wpugen='wp user generate'
  • wpug='wp user get'
  • wpui='wp user import-csv'
  • wpul='wp user list'
  • wpulc='wp user list-caps'
  • wpum='wp user meta'
  • wpurc='wp user remove-cap'
  • wpurr='wp user remove-role'
  • wpusr='wp user set-role'
  • wpuu='wp user update'


  • wpwa='wp widget add'
  • wpwda='wp widget deactivate'
  • wpwd='wp widget delete'
  • wpwl='wp widget list'
  • wpwm='wp widget move'
  • wpwu='wp widget update'

The entire list of wp-cli commands can be found here: https://wp-cli.org/commands/

I only included the commands that are most used. Please feel free to contribute to this project if you want more commands.