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Due to the massive amount of themes bundled with OMZ, new themes are not accepted. This is a list of other themes that are compatible with Oh My Zsh that live in their own separate repositories. More themes are listed in the awesome-zsh-plugins list.

You can also use Github's search to find *.zsh-theme files: Gist zsh themes search, GitHub zsh themes search.


Check out the instructions here.



  • Show Current commit shorten hash and message See Gist for source.

author: @xfanwu

Random Emoji Theme

emoji theme

See Gist for source.

author: @audy, maintainer: @oshybystyi


powerlevel9k theme A Powerline theme for ZSH that was written from scratch to address some of the speed issues in other feature-heavy themes. It comes with a great default setup, but is also highly configurable and can be heavily customized with built-in options. It also offers a large array of useful segments that you can add to your prompt, covering everything from Ruby versions to your AWS instance.

See Repo for source & documentation.

author: @bhilburn

Bullet train

powerlevel9k theme

Bullet Train is a oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin. It aims for simplicity, showing information only when it's relevant.

It currently shows:

  • Current Python virtualenv
  • Current Ruby version and gemset, through RVM
  • Current Node.js version, through NVM
  • Git status
  • Timestamp
  • Current directory
  • Background jobs
  • Exit code of last command

See Repo for source

author: @caiogondim



See repository for source.

Additional setup:

  • Install node.js to parse package.json files


gitster theme

When in a git repo, it shows the location from the git's root folder.
When not in a git repo, it shows from home, ~.

See my dotfiles repo for source.

author: shashankmehta/@leostatic


Chi theme Chi theme

It currently shows:

  • Git status
  • 🕕 Time
  • ~/Desktop Working directory
  • > where you type your cmds
  • ✹git:master color : Red unstaged commit
  • git:master color: White committed files
  • shows if current directory is a git folder || git branch

See Repo for source

author: Akinjide Bankole/@_akinjide

Haribo theme


  • Works with most console fonts
  • simple git status
  • timestamp

See Repo for source

Schminitz theme


This theme allow to see if vim is running on background when using the ':sh' command.

See Gist for source.

author: Schminitz/@Schminitz

Odin theme


  • Git focused development.
  • A clean and distraction free programming environment.
  • Know the status of your repository throughout the development process
  • tmux and git configuration files included with the theme See odin for source.

author: @tylerreckart



  • Git status
  • Timestamp
  • Current directory
  • Background jobs
  • Exit code of last command

See hyperzsh for source.

author: @tylerreckart

Lambda (Mod) theme


  • A simple yet elegant theme with git focused development. See lambda-mod for source.

author: @halfo

Hedgehog theme


  • Simple, no-nonsense and clean, with support for git and return codes.

source: here author: @hedgehog1029

Node theme


source: here author: @skuridin

classyTouch Theme


  • A very minimal, clean theme with git support.

source: here author: @yarisgutierrez



Spaceship is a minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable “Oh My ZSH!” theme. It combines everything you may need for convenient work, without unnecessary complications, like a real spaceship.

Currently it shows:

  • Current git branch.
  • Git repo status:
    • + — uncommitted changes in the index;
    • ! — unstaged changes;
    • ? — untracked changes;
    • $ — stashed changes;
    • — unpulled commits;
    • — unpushed commits.
  • Prompt character turns red if the last command exits with non-zero code.
  • Hostname only displayed when in an SSH session.
  • Username displayed only when it isn't $LOGNAME.
  • Username turns red when root.
  • Current Node.js version, through NVM ().
  • Current Ruby version, through RVM/RBENV/CHRUBY (💎).
  • Current Swift version, through swiftenv (🐦).
  • Current Xcode version, through xenv (🛠).
  • Current Python virtualenv.
  • Current Python pyenv (🐍).
  • Current Vi-mode mode.

source: denysdovhan/spaceship-zsh-theme author: @denysdovhan

Zeta Theme

zeta theme

source: here author: @skylerlee


AgnosterZak theme

AgnosterZak is a oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin & Agnoster Theme.

It currently shows:

  • Battery Life (in case of the laptop is not charging)
  • Current Date & Time
  • Current directory
  • Git status
  • User & Host status

See Repo for source

author: @zakaziko99


Nodeys theme

Nodeys is a theme based on fantastic ys theme, with added NodeJS version (from NVM plugin).

source: Repo for source

author: @marszall87


Ciacho theme

Ciacho is theme based on agnoster.

See Repo for source.

author: @Ciacho


igorsilva theme

What it shows
  • The current folder
  • A customizable delimiter
  • The current branch
  • The current branch state (shows * if has uncommited changes)

See Repo for source.

author: @igor9silva


nt9 theme

A clean, distraction free and git focused development theme.

It currently shows:
  • Show the location from git's root folder (when in a git repo) or show from home ~
  • Show current sha()
  • Show current branch name
  • Show current branch state (dirty, add, remove, delete...)
  • Show time from last commit

See Repo for source.

author: @lenguyenthanh



geometry is a minimalistic, fully customizable zsh prompt theme.

What it does:
  • work asynchronously to speed up the prompt
  • display current git branch
  • display git state of the repo and time since last commit
  • tell you whether you need to pull, push or if you're mid-rebase
  • display the number of conflicting files and total number of conflicts
  • display the running time of long running commands
  • optionally display random colors based on your hostname
  • give you a custom, colorizable prompt symbol
  • change the prompt symbol color depending on the last command exit status
  • show virtualenv and docker machine data
  • set the terminal title to current command and directory
  • fully customizable, allowing you to change anything through environment variables
  • make you the coolest hacker in the whole Starbucks

See repo for source. We welcome any contributions!

author: @frmendes



A theme based on Avit, with small changes.

See repo for source.

author: @fdaciuk



A minimal theme

See repo for source.

author: @kimwz


hub animated preview

Simple and clean, visualizing return code.

See gist for source.

author: @hub23


Screenshot of Punctual in action

A simple, informative prompt built with Solarized colours in mind.

  • Customisable colours & output
  • Git branch & status display
  • Username turns red when root
  • Prompt turns red if the last command finishes with non-zero exit code

See repo for installation.

By Danny.


Screenshot of Staples

A modified version of the Bureau theme with context-sensitive tags, ssh status, and last exit code coloring.

See repo for source.

Author: @dersam


Screenshot of Bunnyruni

Simple, clean, and beautiful theme inspired in my fovorite themes, functions and colors.

See repo for source.

Author: @jopcode



Single-line boring/traditional prompt without distracting colours, providing extra information (currently git branch/status).

See repo for source. Author: @xfxf



Just another funky theme.

See repo for source. Author: @kaushik94


A zsh friend to watch over you.

See repo for source and instructions. Author: @akabiru

λ Pure

lambda-pure theme

A minimal zsh theme, based on Pure, with added NodeJS version (async!)

source: Repo for source

author: @marszall87

Imperium / Imperium Root

imperium theme

An adaptation of the mortalscumbag theme. Its modification no longer has the hostname next to the username on the prompt and has a better differentiation of colors by highlighting the user, working directory, and shell sign. The theme also keeps the error number within brackets, as well as a running header stating whether the user is under an ssh connection.

source: Repo for source

author: @LinuxGogley


oh-my-via theme

A theme for ZSH that is heavily inspired by the historical theme used on VIA Centrale Réseaux servers. It is designed to be as simple as possible, but still complete enough to be used on production servers and highly configurable to suit any of your desire.

See Repo for source & documentation.

author: @badouralix


alien theme

  • Time
  • Battery percentage (with charging direction, - discharging, + charging, ● full-charge)
  • Username
  • Working directory
  • Version control - branch (git, mercurial), revision number (svn)
  • Supports both mac and linux

See Repo for source & documentation.

author: @eendroroy


alien theme

  • Working directory
  • Previous command exit status
  • Version control - branch, commit hash (git, mercurial), revision number (svn) on right prompt
  • Supports both mac and linux

See Repo for source & documentation.

author: @eendroroy