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@KhasMek KhasMek Consistency in design and formatting update. 71a371f
@mcornella mcornella Updated Home (markdown) 880f56d
@ncanceill ncanceill Added link to "Install Zsh" page 235d772
@mcornella mcornella Add Troubleshooting info 8e0e953
@mcornella mcornella Put the Design link in the Help section 3ec0c64
@apjanke apjanke Updated Home (markdown) 23e8e68
@CoolOppo CoolOppo Formatted with markdownfmt 1df564b
@LFDM LFDM Updated Home (markdown) dffc1e1
@mcornella mcornella Removed a bunch of URL's pointing to @marvinmorris github page (spam?) 271a546
@marvinmorris marvinmorris Updated Home (markdown) 87f2fb5
@burkov burkov Link to Plugins Overview added 99d9b47
@rodrigoflores rodrigoflores Updated Home (markdown) de2e198
Zearin Moved non-help-wanted links to top. e8ead60
Zearin Tweaked markup, phrasing, formatting. 5cc4437
@robbyrussell robbyrussell Migrated from home v1 e9d395b
@robbyrussell robbyrussell Initial Commit 578c9c1
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