Plugins Overview

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Name Description
autoenv automatically execs script on changing dir (.env file)
colemak colemak layout support + vi-mode fixes for colemak
colored-man-pages adds colors to manpages
colorize cat with syntax highlight support
command-not-found suggests package name with relevant command
compleat reformats completion
copydir copies current dir full path to clipboard
copyfile copies selected file content to clipboard
cp cp with progress bar (rsync)
dircycle hotkeys for cycling directories
dirpersist saves and restores your directory stack across shell invocations
encode64 e64 & d64 aliases
extract 'x' alias - swiss knife for archive extracting
fbterm enhanced VESA terminal
gpg-agent gpg-agent start/stop funcs
history aliases: h for history, hsi for grepping history
history-substring-search** implementation of fish history substring search
kate Kate text editor alias
last-working-dir same as dirpersist
mosh mobile shell with roaming (wifi, mobile networks) and local echo
pass pass utility autocompletion
per-directory-history self-descriptive
profiles different zsh profiles per hostname
rsync aliases
safe-paste extended copy/paste in terminal
screen GNU screen enhances (titles etc)
sprunge CLI pastbin service uploader (
ssh-agent ssh-agent start script
sublime aliases for SublimeText Editor
supervisor autocompletion for
taskwarrior autocompletion for
terminitor [RENAMED to consular] Consular automates your development workflow setup
tmux enhanced Tmux support
tmuxinator enhanced Tmux support
torrent magnet2torrent converter function
tugboat Digital Ocean droplet manager
urltools urlencode/urldecode etc
vi-mode self descriptive
vundle Vim plugin manager
wakeonlan funcs for wakeonlan tool
web-search google from CLI

** (To make it work on Ubuntu do echo DEBIAN_PREVENT_KEYBOARD_CHANGES=yes>>~/.zshenv).

FS Jumping

Name Description
autojump shell extension to jump to frequently used directories
fasd quick access to files and dirs
jump allows to mark dirs and jump to marks
pj aliases for quick access to projects dir
wd yet another autojump tool
z yet another autojump

Build tools

Name Description
ant Java build tool
bower Front-end package manager
cabal Haskell package manager
cake CoffeeScript build tool
coffee CoffeeScript completion
cpanm cpanminus get, unpack, build, install Perl modules
docker application shipment tool
gas small utility used to manage Git authors.
git extras: git-extras gitfast git-flow git-flow-avh git-hubflow git-remote-branch
github cli access, url shortener
gitignore gi alias to fetch default .gitignore files from
gnu-utils GNU coreutils wrappers to override shell builtins
go Go build tool
golang [DUPLICATE] identical to 'go'. Should be removed?
gradle build automation tool
grails funcs for grails script management
heroku cli access
jira JIRA cli access
knife knife autocompletion
knife_ssh knife autocompletion
lein leiningen autocompletion
lighthouse CLI access to issue tracker Lighthouse,
mercurial hg autocompletion
mix Elixir build tool autocompletion
mvn maven completion
nanoc static website generator
postgres aliases for Postgres managing
perl aliases for Perl
rebar Erlang build tool autocompletion
redis-cli Redis autocompletion
repo git repo management tool autocompletion
sbt autocomplete for ScalaBuildTool
scala autocomplete
sfffe aliases for ack (JS & CSS grepping)
svn subversion autocompletion
svn-fast-info faster subversion autocompletion (especially interesting on big project)
vagrant quick development env deployment

Node JS

Name Description
jake-node NodeJS build tool Jake
node NodeJS docs easy access via CLI
npm package manager for NodeJS
nvm NodeJS version manager


Name Description
composer PHP dependency manager
laravel PHP deployment tool artisan completion
phing Ant-like build system for PHP
symfony PHP webframework
symfony2 PHP webframework
yii PHP webframework
yii2 PHP webframework


Name Description
bundler package manager
capistrano remote deployment tool
jruby JRuby aliases
pow rack apps restarter
powder powder gem autocompletion
powify another pow manager
rails rails aliases for rails 2, rails 3, and rails 4 all in one clean plugin
rake Ruby build tool
rbenv Ruby version switcher
rbfu [OBSOLETE] anther Ruby version manager
ruby aliases
rvm another RubyVersionManager
thor Ruby doc tool
zeus funcs for Zeus (Rails env preloader)


Name Description
celery Python distributed task queue
fabric remote deployment tool
pip Python package manager
python python aliases (pyfind, pyclean, pygrep)
pyenv python version management
virtualenv isolated Python envs
virtualenvwrapper isolated Python envs


Name Description
archlinux aliases for yaourt and pacman
debian aliases for apt* utils
dnf aliases for dnf
suse aliases for SUSE Linux (zypper aliases)
systemd aliases
yum aliases


Name Description
apache2-macports apache management functions
brew package manger
bwana allows to open manpages in browser
cloudapp completion for cloudapp
forklift MacOS file browser
macports macport autocompletion
mysql-macports same as apache-macport for MySQL
osx MacOS completions and iTunes & Spotify control
pod library dependency manager for Xcode
terminalapp Apple Terminal enhancer
textmate aliases


Name Description
battery allows see battery status in PS
emoji-clock fancy shell clocks
lol dowant
nyan Nyan Cat in terminal
rand-quote quote function for random quotes from
themes ZSH theme switcher
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