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Please share your thoughts on Oh My Zsh... they might help influence others to use and/or avoid it like the black plague.

"oh-my-zsh is probably the only good thing I've ever done with my life." -- robbyrussell

"oh-my-zsh is among the first things i install on any new machine I set up. It's as necessary as the shell itself." -- imeyer

"oh-my-zsh can sometimes get a bit in the way, and it needs more polish, but generally it turns zsh from something which takes a lot of research and config fiddling into something that works pleasantly out of the box, and makes tweaking more straightforward" -- Dieterbe

"This project is so much more than a sane set of defaults for zsh. It is a major hub of plugin development! The fact that everything is all nicely packaged as a project on github is very nice indeed. Zsh is an amazing shell, but it seems to suffer a lack of guides on how to use it. By checking out oh-my-zsh you get a really nice set of examples in which you can learn zsh" -- Ksira

"oh-my-zsh: your life in a shell" -- fox

"oh-my-zsh is probably one of the most fun open source projects to yell the name out loud." -- secondplanet

"oh-my-zsh is now mandatory on all my dev servers, it makes bash look boring!" -- digital006

"today i installed @ohmyzsh on my machine. after 10 minutes of use, i decided that there is no way back to bash =)" -- patbaumgartner

"if a shell can make disruptive progress, zsh does." -- troyd

"My terminal is the happiest terminal on the whole earth since I have installed Zsh and Oh My Zsh!" -- semahawk

"ZSH, by default, is a pain to setup. Thanks oh-my-zsh for hand-holding noobs into this wonderful shell!" -- vikred

"I've just started to use ZSH and with oh-my-zsh, my life just got better!" -- vinnx

"thanks to anyone who helped make the firework you call zsh!" --awesoham

"Oh-my-zsh 很贴心,让 Zsh 配置变得更加简单,它让我享受到了比以往更加美丽的终端!" --tuhaihe

"I just can't imagine not using oh-my-zsh. I can believe I won't have to mess around with .bashrc again" --davblayn

".i mi noi lojbo cu prami la'o gy oh-my-zsh gy i'esai" --DavidMikeSimon

"This is the one for me." --SysVoid

"As a shell newbie, oh-my-zsh is my lighthouse. As I drown in the shell-sea at least I know where the mainland is!" --V-J-P