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@mcornella mcornella Add instructions to amuse theme to replicate the look on the screenshot 5f72e7b
@mbologna mbologna Updated Themes (markdown) dd62592
@mbologna mbologna Updated Themes (markdown) 55cc8c6
@oshybystyi oshybystyi added link to page with external themes 807897e
@KasperChristensen KasperChristensen Added link to powerline font patching e558ce0
@KasperChristensen KasperChristensen Removed 404 link, no alternative page to link to. b2b5040
@apjanke apjanke Update link to powerline fonts repo 04ffa8d
@apjanke apjanke remove link to obsolete Powerline font with incompatible glyph mappings for agnoster 96370a9
@apjanke apjanke fix list formatting dec81d4
@jarinudom jarinudom Updated Themes (markdown) b97c20c
@apjanke apjanke Update daveverwer image with more readable text. Something was odd with the old one; text looked anti-aliased and a bit dim. 133b4de
@apjanke apjanke Notes on self-linking images af4bb17
@apjanke apjanke Make all the image files link to themselves so you can view them at full size in another tab 5c762fb
@apjanke apjanke Switch the rest of the screenshots to issue-hosted image files 854e082
@apjanke apjanke Fix broken link in ys theme 66d78bf
@apjanke apjanke Switch many screenshots to GitHub issue-hosted files, using @mccornella's archive, to avoid external dependencies 087382d
@apjanke apjanke Use issue-histed screenshot for alanpeabody 1e93a0a
@apjanke apjanke Updated Themes (markdown) 48bdec3
@apjanke apjanke Move format description to bottom so it doesn't distract people who just want to see the themes, which is probably most readers. c43dff0
@apjanke apjanke Minor typographical adjustments ae0dd58
@apjanke apjanke Add theme format description bcdbb68
@mcornella mcornella Updated Themes (markdown) 4ae92d1
@mcornella mcornella Updated Themes (markdown) c70e48c
@mcornella mcornella Add missing screenshots, remove `rachel´ entry 3564850
@apjanke apjanke Fixed alphabetical ordering 269567e
@apjanke apjanke Removed the redundant "Set ZSH_THEME in ~/.zshrc to <themename>" statements in each individual theme description. 40f1b97
@apjanke apjanke Fix alphabetical misordering 1262704
Nano Fix broken link to 'more information' on the ys theme. 10a94ae
@Karunamon Karunamon Fixed a lot of broken image links by pulling things from internet archive and re-uploading to imgur. d93f0a5
@xanecs xanecs Show screenshot on next line 8102c52
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