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As you an see by looking at the project, we have a lot of pending Pull Requests and Issues. While there are a number of people helping out by answering Issues and reviewing Pull Requests, I'd like to find 2-3 volunteers to assist me with organizing, reviewing, and helping me work through these.

Pull Requests

If you're feeling fairly savvy with Oh My Zsh have sent in pull requests/helped test other requests, and know your way about the framework... and want to do this more often, do get in touch with me. If you can volunteer 2-3 hours/week to help go through things, I'd love to speak with you.

Issue Management

Additionally, if you're just wanting to help out... I could use a few people to assit with organizing new Issues. I'd like all the Issues to be properly labeled and assigned to people that can help those items move forward. For example, if a bug comes in for a plugin.. reaching out to the original plugin to ask if they can help out would be great. (basically... poking people and trying to help issues get resolved and/or closed).

Get in touch with @robbyrussell on github

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