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@weirongxu weirongxu update gclean, add gpristine 6e3d3b0
@halfo halfo Added Lambda (Mod) Theme 757d20a
@andybateman andybateman Updated Plugins Overview (markdown) eb8721a
@V-J-P V-J-P Love it! daa9deb
@shtirlic shtirlic Don't scare people 0c1b4dc
@Theabevalle Theabevalle Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 3cd5ce8
@Theabevalle Theabevalle Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 1a720cf
@jeremyvaught jeremyvaught Update link to laravel artisan 0aafc8e
@tylerreckart tylerreckart Updated External themes (markdown) d2b191f
@Luda16 Luda16 Updated Articles (markdown) 50e7e28
@Luda16 Luda16 Updated Articles (markdown) 41ba21e
@tylerreckart tylerreckart Updated External themes (markdown) e269f16
@tylerreckart tylerreckart Updated External themes (markdown) 368ac0c
@petekp petekp Added 'ggsup'. abf83b8
@mcornella mcornella Proper screenshot for junkfood theme, fix spacing on flazz theme c42c340
@schminitz schminitz Add author infos 5589818
@schminitz schminitz Add new theme 2a50638
@mcornella mcornella Clarify steps to restart after changing default shell a16ca21
@zhiyelee zhiyelee Updated Plugin:git (markdown) a48c315
@zhiyelee zhiyelee Updated Plugin:git (markdown) 513603a
@gsklee gsklee This seems to be the correct path bbc9bab
@julese50 julese50 Most does exist, and M is an alias to « | most » 4f37ad2
@zahlenteufel zahlenteufel I think they refer to 'more', 'most' doesn't exists 6215bf4
@julese50 julese50 Added pacupg. 92c7c95
@mcornella mcornella Add instructions to amuse theme to replicate the look on the screenshot 5f72e7b
@Miterion Miterion Fixed typo 404b3f1
@bhilburn bhilburn Updating powerlevel9k description 627e014
@xfanwu xfanwu Updated External themes (markdown) f0bf7ad
@ChristianMurphy ChristianMurphy adding `ggl` and `ggp` git aliases 59e5e89
@haribo haribo Updated External themes (markdown) 69ac80a
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