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A (extremely) simple helper for Ruby on Ruby on Rails to output the current year... seriously folks... this is serious stuff. ;-)
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This plugin allows you to keep your copyright year up-to-date.


You can render the current year in your ERb views like so:

  <%= current_year -%>

If you want to provide a year range, you can use year_range and provide the
year that you started.

  Example: With the assumption that the current year was 2008

  <%= current_year_range(2005) -%>     				# => 2005-2008
  <%= current_year_range(2005, '&mdash;') -%> # => 2005&mdash;2008
  <%= current_year_range(2008) -%>     				# => 2008 (just returns current year)

You can access the code here:


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Copyright (c) 2008 Robby Russell, released under the MIT license
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