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A log writer for Kohana which submits the log data to a remote script over http or https.

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Kohana module to submit log data over HTTP or HTTPS.

This can be used where you have a large number of sites to manage on multiple servers. You can submit log data from all sites to a particular URL and have a script there store it in a database to be able to browse log data from all your sites.


  • Load the module in your bootstrap file as normal.
  • Attach the log write: Kohana::$log->attach(new Log_Remote("https://path/to/recieving/script.php"));

Additional POST data

You can send additional variables in the POST data by passing an array of key / value pairs to the constructor. This is useful for verifying the origin of the data or identifying the log data as coming from a specific site / codebase.

Kohana::$log->attach(new Log_Remote("https://path/to/recieving/script.php", array(
    'project_id'    =>  $project_id,
    'domain'        =>  $domain,
    'auth_key'      =>  $key,
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