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STATUS UPDATE: This project is going to be split up soon such that the logic that builds the file structure is going to be separated from the repo templating logic. This repo will no longer be maintained with the new project calling a more general purpose CLI tool possibly written in Go. Any feedback would be well appreciated as I plan on submitting all this work to Gruntworks as a general purpose scaffolding tool. Would love thoughts on the templating logic so please DM me if you would like to collab.


Cookiecutter template to build a terragrunt folder structure for a terraform deployment of various stacks. Basically this is a higher level configuration file format to build stacks on the cloud with a CLI to guide you through a few options.

Terragrunt is awesome for many, many reasons. Most importantly it allows you to keep your code DRY, as in Don't Repeat Yourself, as in when you change variables, you only change them in one place. There are a lot of ways to structure terraform files, but so far I think this way is best. As long as you conform to a structure of environment / region / rescource group in your config files as well as how you refer to the remote state within the modules, you will have a consistent way to reference any object, even if it is within another account.


This is not ready for use and is more to demonstrate some of the coupling issues you have when trying to generalize components. Please see the ttd for what needs to be built.
This is part a larger project on cookiecutter. Please pm me to ask more.


  • terraform 12 not tested
  • Only basic-p-rep working


This package depends on these requirements

pip install pyhcl boto3 cookiecutter requests prompt_toolkit

You will also need the appropriate terraform and terragrunt packages. While the terraform 11 / 12 transition is happening, both are supported.

Terraform Releases - Terragrunt Releases -

Terraform 0.11

sudo chmod +x terraform 
sudo mv terraform /usr/local/bin/terraform11
sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/terraform11 /usr/local/bin/terraform
terraform --version 

** Unverified **

unzip terragrunt_linux_amd64
sudo chmod +x terragrunt
sudo mv terragrunt /usr/local/bin/terragrunt11
sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/terragrunt11 /usr/local/bin/terragrunt
terragrunt --version 


Generate reference architecture

cd <env> 
chmod +x 


cd <region>
terragrunt apply-all --terragrunt-source-update

Move to Prod

cd ../.. && cp dev prod & cd prod 
terragrunt apply-all --terragrunt-source-update


This is going to be rebuilt in the near future to incorporate the learnings from this first go. Most of this stuff is really going to be done on the next iteration.


  • Fix output of network
    • Rebuild network
  • fix region output
  • Rebuild tests to point to hooks dir and tests dir
  • Read hcl after tests


  • Throw better errors to bubble up what exactly is messing with the jinja
  • Upgrade question to python-prompt-toolkit
  • Get headless version working properly
    • Rip out ask logic
    • Get the stack down to a single json / hcl and be able to make based on that
    • ask / read -> BL -> make
  • Once headless is working, render copy of pre_gen_hook in main ouptut dir as well as output of config
  • Once questions have been asked, the project can be re-built based on updating one generated config file from running copy of pre_gen_hook
  • No region questions unless specifically needed

Headless Service

  • Split out logic to generate multi-az configs in headless
  • Need to get AZs dynamic
  • Until questions inform stack object for AZs, this part is coupled
    • Remove AZs
  • Render stack in place to account for prior questions
    • Input config for rendering stack
    • Num azs to lookup into populating jinja rendering
  • Finalize sources
  • Push new versions for 0.12


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