☑️ A simple RN component that allows row selection
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A simple RN component that allows row selection


yarn add react-native-multiselect or npm install react-native-multiselect --save


3.0.0 swaps out ListView for FlatList or SectionList. This gives a huge performance increase for larger lists. This is a breaking change so you might need to modify your implementation of react-native-multiselect for this to work. Don't worry though, its not a massive change.


If you used <2.0.0 the renderRow API has changed and you'll need to do a small rewrite

2.0.0 brings some major performance enhancements and removes the dependancy on react-native-vector-icons, you are now just given an isSelected parameter which you can use to style the renderRow. Thanks to @indesignlatam for proposing a fix to performance issues with large datasets.


options[] required

An array of values for the list to display. Each item in the array should be an object that looks like this:

  // A unique identifier for the row
  key: Number || String
  // The name displayed in the row
  name: String
  // This namespace can also be used to store custom props

renderRow (row, isSelected) required

A function that renders each row. The current row object is passed to it to allow dynamic rows. This is where you could use the customProps mentioned above. You can use the isSelected parameter to decide how to style your row when its selected

onSelectionChange (selectedRow, allSelectedRows)

A callback that is fired when a row is clicked. It is passed the row that was just selected as well as an array of all the currently selected rowStyle.


An array of keys that match those in options that will be preselected on the list.


A React Native style object, you can also pass StyleSheet styles to this; they will be flattened.


An object of props that are given to the FlatList or SectionList, this for things like ListHeaderComponent

activeOpacity Number

Proxied to the TouchableHighlight component when you click the row

underlayColor String

Proxied to the TouchableHighlight component when you click the row

useSections Boolean

Use this to render a SectionList instead of a FlatList. Your options prop needs to looks like the one seen here: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/sectionlist.html


import MultiSelect from 'react-native-multiselect';

const MyComponent = ({
  // [{id: 1, name: 'Thing 1', data: [...]}, {id: 2, name: 'Thing 2', data: [...]} ...]
  // [0, 4]
  // (selectedRows) => this.setState({ selectedRows })
}) => (
    <Text>Select some items from the list</Text>
      options={listOfThings.map(thing => ({ key: thing.id, name: thing.name }) )}
      renderRow={(row, isSelected) => <Text>{row.name} {isSelected ? 'I am selected' : 'I am not selected'}</Text>}
        (selectedRow, allSelectedRows) => updateListOfSelectedThings(allSelectedRows)
      rowStyle={{ backgroundColor: 'skyblue' }}