An API for an Arduino using NodeJS & Johnny Five
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An experimental project using Jonny-five (a Javascript framework for Arduinos) The project contains a small NodeJS server which creates API routes to control actions on the Arduino. Also included is a basic webpage to demonstrate the functionality in a webpage however see below for a list of the routes used.


  1. Use the pictured schema (below) to build your Arduino board.
  2. Download the Arduino IDE
  3. Plug in your Arduino or Arduino compatible microcontroller via USB
  4. Open the Arduino IDE, select: File > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata
  5. Click the "Upload" button.
  6. Clone the repo into a folder git clone
  7. run [sudo] npm install
  8. node robofive.js to start the server.
  9. Visit localhost:3000 to view the web interface. Only mobile browsers will be able to use the web socket functionality

###API Routes | Route | Action | Example | | ------------- |---------------|------------| | /led/:colour/:state| Turns on or off an led colour of your choice |http://localhost:3000/led/red/on | /led/all/:state |Turns on or off all of the leds in the array|http://localhost:3000/all/off | /piezo/play/merry-xmas | Plays a butchered merry christmas song through the buzzer|n/a

###Arduino Schema Device schema