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Bookmarks Deiconizer

your bookmarks toolbar, deiconized!

Do you have a lot of Bookmarks in your Bookmarks Toolbar? Do you find the favicons and folder images take up a lot of unnecessary space? Well worry no more!

The Bookmarks Deiconizer addon removes these unsightly abominations from your toolbar! Forever! Or at least until you disable this addon.


v2.2.2 added originalMode variable

v2.2.1 added unload handler

v2.2 - fixed bookmark panel issue.

v2.1.2 - revved maxversion

v2.1.1 - fixed problem not deiconizing on startup.

v2.1 - fixed multiple windows issue at startup.

v2.0.1 - added icon

v2.0 - fixed multiple windows bug.

v1.1 - updated to work with addon-sdk version, aka Jetpack 1.0. Also updated package.json manifest to be more complete. Added documentation.

v1.0 - first version, removes icons from toolbar in main window.

Known Bugs

  • Doesn't remove bookmarks from new windows.