simple JavaScript workspace
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A Workspace is a simple editor for entering and executing Javascript on a content window. Enter some text, select what you want to run and pick Execute from the context menu to evaluate it against the currently-active tab in a browser window.


For an installable version, please visit the Add-ons page

Build Instructions

From inside the workspace project directory, run: zip -r ../workspace.xpi * -x ".git/*"


All Copyright dedicated to the Public Domain.


0.5.3 [2011-02-16] Removed close button on PropertyPanel, incorporated erikvold-issue-20.

0.5.1 [2011-02-03] changed WS_ to WORKSPACE_ per AMO review request.

0.5 [2011-01-26] chrome sandbox, edit menus operational.

0.4.4 [2011-01-23] added shortcut key to error console.

0.4.3 [2011-01-23] replaced statusbar text with chrome/content status.

0.4.2 - [2011-01-23] bug fix for issue 11.

0.4.1 - [2011-01-23] Added Tools menu and Error Console access. (erikvold-issue-9)

0.4 - [2011-01-13] Added File functions.

0.3.1 - [2011-01-12] Revved maxVersion in install.rdf

0.3 - [2011-01-09] Chrome and Content context menu options working.

0.2 - [2011-01-08] Menus roughed in, execution of whole window or selection. Some cleanup.

0.1 - [2011-01-05] initial prototype, basic execution


Lots. This is a prototype.

  • Persist on restart
  • Import from pastebin, github, etc.
  • Better styling, ACE?
  • Much more!